A Demonic Servant (デモニッシュ・サーバント, Demonisshu Sābanto?) is a skeletal monster in Sword Art Online, found in the Labyrinth on the 74th Floor of Aincrad.


A Demonic Servant takes the appearance of a skeletal swordsman, over two meters tall and surrounded by an eerie blue light. It carries around a huge straight sword in its right hand and a round metal shield in its left.


Demonic Servants are powerful monsters with high Strength stats and are capable of using Sword Skills, such as Vertical Square.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Demonic Servant executing Vertical Square

A Demonic Servant fighting Asuna.

While exploring the Labyrinth of the 74th Floor, Kirito and Asuna encountered a Demonic Servant. The Demonic Servant then engaged the two-person party in a fight, but was ultimately defeated by the duo.


  • Demonic Servants are known to have a weakness against impact-type weapons, such as maces, and are strong against swords due to their skeletal-type body.[1]
  • Two Demonic Servants appear in the opening scene of the Aincrad Arc. Kirito easily kills the first one in a single hit and the second one in two hits.



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