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The «Dicey Café» (ダイシー・カフェ, Daishī Kafe?) is a café and bar owned and run by Andrew Gilbert Mills in the real world.


The Dicey Cafe has a compact layout with only four tables and a counter with several stools next to it.[1] Several shelves filled with glass bottles can be seen behind the counter.[2] The cafe also has a poster for 9up, a parody of 7up, as well as a map of the United States that contains the name of each state except Illinois.[3] A jukebox is placed against one wall, near an Uncle Sam poster.[2] The cafe is a bright and colourful place that is both attractive and relaxing.[1]


As his parents took a liking to Japan, Andrew decided to open this cafe Okachimachi at the age of twenty-five. At some point, among his customers, Andrew found a beautiful and virtuous wife. During the Sword Art Online incident, Andrew was trapped in Aincrad so his wife kept the café alive until he came back to the real world two years after the start of the incident. After most of the players came back, Dicey Café became the meeting place of many events, as well as FullDives. It became the host of the SAO clearing party, for a majority of players.

Although the cafe looks deserted during the day, Andrew claims that business picks up during the night.[1]


  • Clearing of Sword Art Online party
    • Kirigaya Kazuto was congratulated. In this event Andrew played a BGM from SAO, the Algade theme.
  • Excalibur retrieval party