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«Divine Dragons Alliance» (聖竜連合(ディヴァイン・ドラゴンズ・アライアンス), Sei Ryū Rengō or Divain Doragonzu Araiansu?, abbreviated as DDA) is «Sword Art Online»'s most active clearing guild. They are considered as one of the top clearing guilds in SAO. They have a one-sided rivalry with the «Knights of the Blood», since the DDA wish to hold the title of strongest guild in the death game. Unlike the KoB, they are secretive about information and have their own farming grounds. The DDA has more than twice as many members as the KoB.


Aincrad Arc[]

They were known as one of the top clearing guilds in the death game, and often did anything to expand their power. Klein once stated that they would do almost everything to obtain rare items, even becoming orange to be the ones to attack a Flag Mob.[1] For example, they attempted to follow Klein to obtain the Divine Stone of Returning Soul rare drop from the Christmas event boss Nicholas The Renegade, but were held off by the Fuurinkazan. They also insist on having the Last Attack on the boss during Floor clearing boss fights.

August, 2024[]

The Divine Dragon Alliance led the crusade against Laughing Coffin,[2] and several of its members participated in the crusade.

Known Members[]

Image Name Rank Notes
Schmitt.png Schmitt Sub-leader (Defense Forces)
Lind.png Lind[3] Unknown
Shivata in Episode 3.png Shivata[3] Unknown
Yamata.png Yamata[3] Unknown



  • In the web novel version of the story, the Divine Dragon Alliance is said to have been disbanded at some point, due to bad leadership.[4] This, however, was omitted from the light novel, and the Divine Dragon Alliance is shown to be participating in the raid on the boss of the 75th Floor, The Skull Reaper in the anime.
  • The guild has a ten-meter large marble bath in its guild headquarters.[5]


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