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A «Divine Object» (ディヴァイン・オブジェクト or 神器, Divain Obujekuto or Jinki?) is an item in Underworld that was created by converting an animal, plant or object which had gathered a large amount of resources (memories) into a high «Priority» item, usually via a high-ranking Sacred Arts ritual. The «Priority» Class of Divine Objects outrank even items made out of dragon bones, which are supposedly the highest grade material for weapons in Underworld. Weapons of this class can be enhanced with the high-ranking «Armament Full Control Art» Sacred Art ritual that unlocks the true potential of the weapon.

Most Divine Objects are created by the Axiom Church and are used as weapons by the Integrity Knights. Divine Object weapons can only be used by people whose souls resonate with the weapon's memories.[1]

Non-weapon Divine Objects also exist and usually have a certain "magical" attribute that allows them to do tasks which would normally require high-ranking Sacred Art rituals, like telling the current time in Underworld.


As creating objects of a certain priority requires sacrificing an existence equal to the desired item, all Divine Objects are created from objects, animals or plants that have existed for long periods of time and have thus absorbed a large amount of resources and, because of that, have a large level of Priority. The created weapons inherit the parameters (memories) of the base material that they are made from, allowing the use of «Armament Full Control Arts» on such weapons to awaken their true parameters, greatly boosting the offensive power of the weapon.

Known Divine ObjectsEdit

Image English Name Japanese Name User(s) Description Ref
«Bells of Time Telling» 時告(ときつ)げの(かね) Settlements One of the most widespread Divine Objects in Underworld, which replaced the «Divine Object of Engraved Time». The bells only chime once every half hour, with a different melody each hour in a twelve hour period. Every settlement has at least one bell, while large settlements like Centoria have plenty of these bells throughout the city. The bells were actually created by the Axiom Church as a method to keep town and village residents from moving too far away from their hometown, as the bells can only be heard within a fixed radius of the settlement, creating a psychological thought for most people to stay within the radius. [2][3]
Black Lily Sword «Black Lily Sword» 黒百合(くろゆり)の剣 Scheta Synthesis Twelve An unknown Priority sword created from a black lily that was the only living thing to survive on the battlefield of the last war that ended the «Age of Blood and Iron» in the Dark Territory.
Sword of Blue Rose «Blue Rose Sword» 青薔薇(あおばら)の剣 Eugeo A Priority Class 45 sword found in a cave at the Mountain Range at the Edge in the north. The sword was created from a block of eternal ice, with a blue rose embedded in it, through seemingly natural means. With the Armament Full Control Art in effect, the sword encases the area in ice, with the option of growing blue roses that drain the «Durability» of anyone trapped inside.
Conflagrant Flame Bow «Conflagrant Flame Bow» 熾焔弓(しえんきゅう) Deusolbert Synthesis Seven An unknown Priority longbow with the ability to shoot powerful flaming arrows, capable of taking the form of a bird, when the «Armament Full Control Art» is cast on it. The longbow was created from a phoenix that lived in a volcano in the southern empire.
«Divine Object of Engraved Time» 時刻(とききざ)みの神器(じんき) Centoria A Divine Object clock, used for telling the exact time, that was supposedly destroyed by gods, as people used to look at it too often and never got to work seriously. In reality, this clock was used to create the «Time Piercing Sword». [2]
Fragrant Olive Sword «Fragrant Olive Sword» 金木犀(きんもくせい)の剣 Alice Synthesis Thirty An extremely high Priority sword created from an immortal fragrant olive tree that had grown where the Central Cathedral was later built. It is capable of turning into hundreds of extremely sharp and powerful petals, even one of which can easily split a rock into two, with the Armament Full Control Art in effect.
Frost Scale Whip «Frost Scale Whip» 霜鱗鞭(そうりんべん) Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one An unknown Priority whip created from a two-headed snake lord of the largest lake in the eastern empire. It has the ability to split into up to seven parts with the Armament Full Control Art and even turn into an actual snake if the second phase of the ritual is activated.
Heaven Piercing Sword «Heaven Piercing Sword» 天穿剣(てんせんけん) Fanatio Synthesis Two An unknown Priority sword forged from a thousand mirrors that were used to combine light into a white hot laser that could melt through stone. The sword is capable of firing light rays when the Armament Full Control Art is cast on the sword. With the second phase of the ritual, the sword begins firing short bursts of the ultra-hot light rays in all directions every second, hitting the opponent, the sword's wielder, and any bystanders within range.
Time Piercing Sword «Time Piercing Sword» 時穿剣(じせんけん) Bercouli Synthesis One An unknown Priority sword created from the needle of the «System Clock» in Centoria, inheriting its base material's ability to manipulate time.
Twin Edged Wings «Twin Edged Wings» 雙翼刃(そうよくじん) Renly Synthesis Twenty-seven An unknown Priority set of throwing knives created from a pair of one-winged birds that combined the use of their single wings to fly together. With the use of the second phase of Armament Full Control, the knives combine into one, rotating too quickly for their noise to be heard in the audible spectrum, and can change directions mid-flight.
Night Sky Sword «Night Sky Sword» 夜空の剣 Kirito A Priority Class 46 sword crafted from a branch of the Gigas Cedar tree that received the most energy from Solus (the Sun) and Terraria (the earth). [4]



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