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Divine Stone of Returning Soul (還魂(かんこん)聖晶石(せいしょうせき), Kankon no Seishouseki?) is a unique rare item found in «Sword Art Online» that can be used to revive a recently fallen player. The only known way to obtain it was to defeat Nicholas The Renegade, the Christmas event boss, during the Christmas Event.


The item can be activated on the player's shortcut menu or by holding the materialized item and uttering «Revive ... [Player's Name]». The effect will only work during the time frame between the death of the player and the disappearance of item's effect light, which is approximately ten seconds.



Aincrad Arc[]

Red-Nosed Reindeer[]

A month before Christmas, all the NPCs on all floors started talking about a Christmas event. Two weeks before the event, Kirito heard from an NPC that one of the treasures that the Christmas event boss carried was a revival item. After hearing this, Kirito started intensive leveling in preparation for the event, having hope that if the item really did exist, he would have a chance to revive Sachi. On the day of the event, after reaching level 70, he equipped all of his best items and withdrew all of his potions and crystals from storage to face the boss solo. However, after defeating the boss and receiving the revival item, he learned about the ten second rule. Disappointed and depressed, he gave the item to Klein, much to his friend's surprise.



  • The Divine Stone of Returning Soul most likely works by taking advantage of the 10 second grace period between the player character's death and the real player's death, halting the removal of the microwave's safeties.
  • It is unknown if Klein used this item or not in the canon version of the story. However, in Chapter 9 of the 4koma manga version of SAO, once Kirito handed the item to Klein, he was hit by a monster and died, thus Klein had to immediately use the item to revive Kirito.
  • It is unknown if the item would work, as Kayaba Akihiko said in the light novel that all forms of revival are disabled. However, as a NerveGear only fries a player's brain several seconds after the player's HP reaches 0, the item likely works by stopping the player's death sequence before it is completed.


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