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Eldrie Woolsburg (エルドリエ・ウールスブルーグ, Erudorie Ūrusuburūgu?), also known as Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one (エルドリエ・シンセシス・サーティワン, Erudorie Shinseshisu Sātiwan?), was a supporting character in the Alicization Arc. Eldrie was a knight who became an Integrity Knight after winning the Four Empires Unity Tournament.

Meet Eldrie Synthesis 31! - An Introduction Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Eldrie Synthesis 31! - An Introduction Sword Art Online Wikia


Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one Full Body

Eldrie was rather tall and had a thin stature, a stunningly beautiful face with eyebrows that gave off a rugged expression, and long pale purple hair.

As an Integrity Knight, Eldrie wore a suit of polished silver armor with a purple mantle, which had a crest with a cross going through a circle embroidered upon it.


Eldrie was trained in the Imperial Knight Order, where his father was a general, and became its representative for the Empire Swordsmanship Tournament, where he defeated Sortiliena Serlut in his first match and Volo Levantein in the second. He later won the Four Empires Unity Tournament and was invited to the Central Cathedral. After he had arrived at the Cathedral, Quinella performed a «Synthesis Ritual» on him. The ritual involved suppressing the memories of his past life via manipulation of his Fluctlight, as well as the use of a «Piety Module», and the creation of a new identity, who was completely loyal to Quinella due to the «Piety Module» that took the form of a purple prism embedded into his forehead.


Alicization Arc

Alicization Turning

Vol 11 - 225

Eldrie admiring the rosebuds with a glass of wine.

After Kirito and Eugeo were imprisoned, Alice Synthesis Thirty ordered Eldrie to spend the night in the maze outside the prison, as she anticipated that the prisoners would try to escape. Eldrie himself initially did not believe that this would be possible and intended to admire the rosebuds with a glass of wine, but, to his surprise, the two prisoners actually escaped and came through the maze.

To enjoy himself, Eldrie decided to fight Kirito and Eugeo before returning them to prison. Since Kirito was using a chain as a whip, he decided to use his Frost Scale Whip instead of his sword. He enhanced the whip with the Armament Full Control Art and was able to easily counter Kirito's Sacred Art with his speed chanting.

After a series of struggles, Eldrie's left cheek was cut by Kirito using a fragment of a glass cup that Eldrie had shattered beforehand. As Eugeo attempted to attack him while he was in a stalemate with Kirito, Eldrie was forced to activate his Release Recollection command and thus transformed his whip into a snake, throwing Eugeo to the floor and breaking Kirito's chain.

At this point, Eugeo recalled that Eldrie Woolsburg was the champion of the Four Empires Unity Tournament that took place in the first third of the fourth month. This revelation shocked Eldrie, as he had no memories of his life as Eldrie Woolsburg before becoming an Integrity Knight. As Eldrie began thinking of his past, a purple prism protruded from his forehead, though it began fading away with time. Noticing this, Kirito encouraged Eugeo to trigger more of Eldrie's memories to stop the prism from fading away. However, just as they were making progress, this was interrupted by another Integrity Knight shooting arrows at the prisoners and the prism returned to Eldrie's forehead, while the prisoners escaped.

Alicization Invading

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During an investigation of the Northern region, Eldrie coincidentally encountered Alice at her self-built home outside of Rulid Village. Despite his unsuccessful attempts at flattering his mentor once he landed near the house, Eldrie was invited inside to continue the conversation. There, the disciple attempted to persuade his mentor to return to her duties as an Integrity Knight, but to no avail. Assuming that Alice's refusal to return to her work stemmed from the need to nurse a now-mindless Kirito, Eldrie felt the urge to dispose of the broken swordsman; however, he was stopped by Alice before he could even leave the table. As their conversation continued, the male Integrity Knight learnt that Alice had retired from the front lines as she began to doubt her ability to wield the sword. Shocked by the declaration, Eldrie abandoned his hope of persuading his mentor to return to battle and thus bid her farewell, before leaving on his dragon.

Alicization Exploding

With Deusolbert Synthesis Seven commanding the First Unit / Right Flank and Fanatio Synthesis Two commanding the First Unit / Center, Eldrie Synthesis Thirty One was tasked with commanding the First Unit / Left Flank. When the battle commenced, Eldrie's unit engaged the goblin army. However, it did not take long for their forces to push through and proceed to be destroyed by Renly Synthesis Twenty Seven and his unit in the rear.

This defeat left Eldrie with feelings of guilt and inadequacy; upon meeting Alice again proclaimed that he wished he had perished in battle, and that his inability to perform his duty was shameful. His defeat mostly, however, left him feeling that he had disappointed Alice and that he had no right to seek her love. Alice reassured him of his ability, telling him that she and the human empire needed his strength. Despite this, he still had doubts.

Their conversation was interrupted by Fugru, the chief of the ogres. His life was almost entirely depleted by Alice's earlier attack. Eldrie moved to kill him but Alice wanted to hear more of his information on the "Priestess of Light", and so held him back until he finished, where she killed him anyway.

Upon learning that Vecta wanted Alice, a small force (including Alice) was led towards the Dark Territory . Eldrie was not included in this force, but upon realising the danger Alice was in by the Deathworm Curse Attack he charged in on his dragon. He led the two swarms produced by this curse away from Alice and the other knights, into the air, and released the recollection of his divine weapon, the Frost Scale Whip . The serpent form was able to devour most of the attack, but it was not successful enough. The attack looped back around and overwhelmed his weapon, travelling up it and penetrating his body. The attack was quick and brutal, depleting his entire life in a matter of just a few painful seconds. At the moment after his life reached zero, the memory of Eugeo gave him the willpower to hang on and endure the attack to it's own demise. This act defied the system and plummeted his life into many thousands of points negative, thus displaying a form of incarnation . The stress of this act also created an explosion which destroyed his body below the mid-torso.

Alice managed to catch his body before it fell, bringing it back to the ground for his final moments. Alice held him in her arms as she reassured him that she was safe now, reminding him of how she needed him. Eldrie's failure before made him realise that it was selfish of him to want Alice all to himself in this manor, so he told her of all the other people that needed her more than he. He found contentment in his own sacrifice for Alice, allowing him to let go. In his last moment, he held Alice's face and told her not to cry. He called her mother, seeing the memory of his own before he was synthesised into an Integrity Knight.

When he finally did pass, his fluctlight was deleted from the Light Cube Cluster.


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  • In the web version, Eldrie was called "Eldrie Synthesis Twenty-six", instead of "Thirty-one" in the published version.



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