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Elite Swordsmen-in-Training (上級修剣士(しゅうけんし), Jōkyū Shūkenshi?), alternatively called Elite Swordsmen Trainees, are the top twelve second year students at the Sword Mastery Academy in North Centoria in Underworld.   


The Elite Swordsmen-in-Training are selected from among the second years. As they are qualified based on their overall performance, both in literal and practical skills, it is possible for someone who had never been a Valet to become an elite.[citation needed]

Uniform and Living SpaceEdit

Unlike normal Trainees, the Elites may choose the color for their own uniform. They also live in a separate dormitory, which is better than the dormitory of normal trainees.


As one of the privileges of being the top ranked students in the academy, the elites are each assigned a Valet from the top twelve first year students to mentor.

Punishment AuthorityEdit

According to one of the Academy's regulations, elite swordsmen in training have the authority to act in the place of instructors[1] and punish novice and advanced trainees[2] in cases of acts of disrespect or foolhardiness that borders on breaching the rules or cannot be turned a blind eye to.[1] The elites are allowed to use their own judgement to determine the appropriate punishment according to the severity of the act[1]; however, the Academy's regulations permit only one of three types of punishments: cleaning designated parts of the Academy's premises, training with wooden swords, or a duel with the elite designating the punishment.[3] Additionally, provisions from any superior law, namely the Empire Fundamental Law and the Taboo Index, take precedence.[3] The authority is primarily meant to be used for guiding novice and advanced trainees.[1]

Duty and TrainingEdit

The Elites Swordsman shares the same duty and training as those Swordsman in training, but they are also required to mentor their Valets.

Known Elite Swordsman-in-TrainingEdit

Name Year Rank Status
Volo Levantein 380 1 Graduated
Sortiliena Serlut 380 2 Graduated
Golgorosso Balto 380 3 Graduated
Zobun[4] 380
Raios Antinous 381 1 Deceased
Humbert Zizek 381 2
Kirito 381 5 Arrested
Eugeo 381 6 Arrested


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