An «Evil Glancer» (イビル・グランサー, Ibiru Guransā?) is a monster found in the Ancient Forest in ALfheim Online.


Evil Glancers are winged lizards with a single purple[1] eye, purple bodies and tails. The lizards have blue snake-like tongues and yellow stomachs.


The Evil Glancers are located in the depths of the Ancient Forest and are thus considerably powerful and high-level monsters, equal in power to the boss monsters of lower level dungeons in Sylph territory.

The monsters have a special attack called «Evil Eye» (邪眼(じゃがん), Jagan?) that allows the creatures to use their eye to inflict a curse-type magic that significantly reduces the stats of the target for a period of time when hit. The lizards also use their tails for long-distance attacks.


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

On their way to the Legrue Corridor, Kirito and Leafa encountered five Evil Glancers. While Leafa was acting as a support role to help counter the lizards' curse magic, Kirito berserkly assaulted the lizards and killed off four of them with ease, while ignoring their attacks without defending or evading them. The last remaining lizard with 20% of its HP attempted to run away, but was sliced down by Leafa's vacuum blade magic.


  • In the anime, the Evil Glancers have green eyes, despite the fact that the novel specifically stated that the eyes are purple.[2]



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