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This term is alternatively translated as Deviant Gods (Yen Press), demons (Daisuki) and Tyrants (Crunchyroll).

Humanoid Evil Gods

Evil-God-class monsters (邪神級(じゃしんきゅう)モンスター, Jashin-kyū Monsutā?) are high-level monsters that inhabit the barren frostland of Jötunheimr. There are two types of Evil Gods: beast-types and humanoid-types. The most prominent Evil God is a beast-type named Tonky.


Fairy Dance Arc[]

A two-headed giant-type evil god and a beast-type evil god were encountered battling against each other by Leafa and Kirito in Jötunheimr. Upon Leafa's request, Kirito aided the beast-type evil god by luring them on ice and then cracking the ice, causing both evil gods to fall into the water, where the beast-type evil god had the advantage and thus managed to win the battle.


During the Calibur events, the Evil Gods represent two different factions, the Humanoid type for Thrym, and the Beast-type as the one protecting Alfheim. A quest emerged offering Excalibur as the so-called reward for eliminating all of the beast-type monsters. However, if this quest were to be completed, it would trigger an end of the world event, called «Ragnarök», that would lead to the giants invading Alfheim, while the players would only be rewarded with the Fake Sword Caliburn. An alternative quest was offered by Urðr to stop the frost giants by retrieving Excalibur from the frost giant castle, Thrymheim.