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Fanatio (ファナティオ, Fanatio?), also known as Fanatio Synthesis Two (ファナティオ・シンセシス・ツー, Fanatio Shinseshisu Tsū?), is the Deputy Knight Leader of the Integrity Knights. Fanatio's weapon of choice is the Heaven Piercing Sword.


Fanatio Synthesis Two Full Body.png

Fanatio wears a set of full body, purple light armour completely tinged with a refined orchid radiance that is noticeably more sophisticated than that of the regular Integrity Knights, with a helmet modeled after the wings of birds of prey.

Fanatio's appearance without her helmet.

Fanatio herself has flowing, silky, wavy, long deep black hair, groomed with tender care. Her voice is high pitched and is both refined and supple, and her stature is the same as Kirito's or taller, though the line tracing from her back to her waist is more slender. She has a pure, beautiful face which resembles that of a holy woman and also has a silky skin with the shade of black tea with plenty of milk added in. Her arc-shape eyebrows and long eye lashes are black, while her eyes are dark reddish-brown, close to gold. The tinge of roundness of her jawline bring forth a remarkably gentle elegance which is matched by her very mildly red petite lips. Her appearance suggests that she was born in the east region.


Fanatio's behaviour is rather masculine as she attempts to hide her true gender, due to believing that other people, including her fellow Knights and even the Dark Knights, look down on her because she is a female and that her opponents will not fight with her seriously if they know her true gender. Because of this fear of her opponents finding out about her gender, Fanatio has even developed consecutive hit skills via group and uses her sword's light rays to drive her opponents away from her. She also has a habit of prattling in situations when she has her opponent cornered.


Due to her preference of keeping her opponents at a distance in battle, Fanatio is the only known Integrity Knight who has trained in using consecutive hit tactics, instead of focusing on the gallantry and beauty of a single-hit strike and, therefore, has most likely trained by herself, instead of training with her fellow Integrity Knights.

Fanatio has been in love with a fellow Knight, likely Bercouli Synthesis One, for over 100 years, but her feelings have not been requited so far and she admits that she has ended up playing second fiddle after the appearance of a new, more beautiful female Knight, likely Alice Synthesis Thirty.


Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Rising[]

Fanatio awaited Kirito and Eugeo on the 50th floor of the Central Cathedral in the Great Corridor of Spiritual Light, along with the «Four Oscillation Blades». When Fizel and Linel dragged the two intruders into the grand corridor, she argued with the two girls about what they were doing in the battlefield of "honourable knights". At that point, Kirito snuck behind the two girls and slashed them with their own poisonous swords before requesting the Integrity Knights to wait for him to explain the situation before crossing their swords with them. After Kirito explained how he was able to avoid being paralyzed, Fanatio declined an individual duel with the youngster and allowed her four knights to battle with him first, while she began chanting her «Armament Full Control Art».

By the time Kirito was able to break through the four knights and initiate «Sonic Leap» to get close to Fanatio and strike her, Fanatio managed to complete chanting the rather long ritual and used her sword to fire a ray of light at her opponent, managing to hit him with the ray and shake his trajectory, thus stopping his attack. Fanatio then continued firing light rays at the youngster and, although Kirito was able to dodge the first six rays, she finally hit him with the seventh ray and Kirito crashed shoulder first onto the floor. At this moment, the four knights who had treated their wounds by now surrounded Kirito again. With her opponent cornered and pointing her sword at her opponent, Fanatio began to explain the origin of her sword to the intruders.

Fanatio's helmet breaks, revealing that she is a female.

Once she ran out of things to talk about, she attempted to fire a final ray of light to finish off Kirito, but the latter was able to chant a ritual for creating a mirror by that time and discharged the mirror as soon as the ray of light was fired. Although the mirror was only able to reflect about twenty percent of the ray's power before it melted, Kirito used the moment of respite to tilt his frame towards the left, and thus the ray singed only a part of his black hair and his cheek before it streamed behind him, while the deflected portion of the rays hit the decorative wings of Fanatio's helmet and the helmet breaks into two. With the helmet broken, Fanatio's face was revealed and the two youngsters were shocked to find out that Fanatio was actually a woman.

Fanatio became angry about the intruders finding out about her gender, because she believed that they would not fight with her seriously now that they know that she was a woman. Kirito used this opportunity to leap towards Fanatio and launch a miraculously fast attack, though without using any trickery or Sword Skills, and Fanatio was barely able to parry against Kirito's blow. The two exchanged a few remarks with each other while with swords are locked, before starting their all-out ultra-high speed competition. However neither of the two used any Sword Skills, mostly because neither of them could find an opening to perform the initial move of one. The battle quickly grew into a magnificent display of swordsmanship, as the two become drawn into the thrill of slashing their swords with a worthy opponent. Due to such a battle, Fanatio seemed to forget her advantage in long-range battles and that she could call in the help of her subordinates as she did not even attempt to gain distance from Kirito.

After a while of clashing swords without end, Fanatio finally admitted that Kirito was an opponent unlike others. Kirito then tried to prove to Fanatio that she was a human too and that he was fighting against the Axiom Church for a noble cause, but Fanatio responded that without the Church, there would be nothing to stop the army from the Dark Territory. Then, realizing that in their deadlock, the loser would be the one whose sword ran out of Life first and that Kirito's thicker sword had more Life than hers, Fanatio decided to use the second phase of the «armament full control» art to end the duel. Once all of her sword's memories were released, the sword began firing light rays in all directions and both Fanatio and Kirito suffered greatly from the sword's attacks at point-blank range.

Fanatio is encased in the Blue Rose Sword's ice.

While Kirito attempted to move his sword to partially cover Fanatio's sword's rays, Eugeo intuitively decided that he should take action and completed chanting his «Armament Full Control Art», thus activating the Blue Rose Sword's special ability. With the sword thrust into the ground, the entire floor gradually became frozen, with the icicles starting to cover anyone within the frost field. Fanatio managed to see through Eugeo's skill's nature the moment the tendrils break through the frost and she jumped up into the air to avoid the frost. However, Kirito, due to knowing the special ability of the Blue Rose Sword, reacted quicker and thus used Fanatio as a stepping stone to jump higher into the air, while Fanatio fell back down to the ground as it was subsequently covered in the ice tendrils and encased within a block of thick ice.

Fanatio and Kirito's spears of light and darkness colliding.

Even when frozen and suffering major injuries from her own sword, Fanatio did not yield and continued resisting the Blue Rose Sword's freezing ability with the use of her Heaven Piercing Sword. Although Eugeo utilized all his willpower to keep Fanatio immobilized, she finally raised her sword towards Eugeo and Kirito and fired a gigantic spear of light towards the two. At that moment, Kirito finished chanting his own «Armament Full Control Art» and unleashes the power of his own sword, launching a gigantic spear of darkness towards the spear of light. The clash of light and darkness continued for a while, with the ice roses encasing Fanatio having already melted from the heat of the light spear. Finally, the spear of darkness broke the stalemate and began devouring the spear of light, until it finally reached Fanatio and hit the Knight with tremendous impact, throwing her into the air.

After finally defeating the Knight and healing their wounds a bit, the two youngsters approached Fanatio in order to save her from dying. However, even when using their best healing arts, they were unable to stop Fanatio's bleeding. After unsuccessfully calling for help to save Fanatio's life, Kirito remembered the dagger that Cardinal had given them and decided to use his dagger to save Fanatio's life. He stabbed the Knight with the dagger, which subsequently turned into several bands of purple light, with Cardinal's voice sounding out from it. Cardinal then retrieved Fanatio's body to the Great Library Room to treat her grievous wounds.

Alicization Invading[]

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Having survived the battle at the Central Cathedral, Fanatio was among the knights that greeted Alice as she arrived at the Great East Gate.

Alicization Exploding[]

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During the battle of the Great East Gate, Fanatio was part of the Human Empire Defense Army's first line and in command of the central unit.

Alicization Awakening[]

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