This article is about a monster species found in Sword Art Online. You may be looking for Pina, the Feathered Little Dragon tamed by Silica.

A «Feathered Little Dragon» (フェザーリドラ, Fezā Ridora?) was a rare monster in Sword Art Online.


A Feathered Little Dragon was a small winged-dragon, covered in soft, pale blue feathers, with two long feathers in place of its tail.


Aincrad ArcEdit

While visiting a floor, Silica entered a forest and was approached by a Feathered Little Dragon. Without much thought, she offered the dragon a peanut that she had bought the day before. The Feathered Little Dragon accepted the peanut, making it possible for Silica to tame it. She named it Pina, after her cat, and with it, became famous among the mid-level players as «Dragon Master Silica».[1]


  • A Feathered Little Dragon could be tamed by giving it some peanuts, a food that the monster was fond of.[1]


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