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Feral Warder Chief (フィーラル・ワーダーチーフ, Fīraru Wādā Chīfu?) was the boss guarding a field dungeon on the 40th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online. The boss had two Hit Point (HP) bars.[1]


The Feral Warder Chief was a large jailer monster, in which its head is hidden by a steel mask. Its main weapon consisted of a terrifyingly huge two-handed axe. The monster was only a little over two-meters tall, seeming far smaller when compared to dragon or golem-type boss monsters.[1]

Attack PatternsEdit

The Warder Chief's attack pattern only consisted of physical attacks with its axe, with no area of effect, breath or shock wave attacks; however, differently from the Ruthless Warder Chief, when near death, the boss was capable of using an area of effect attack by gripping its large axe with both hands and making a full rotation with its body as if it were in shot put, assailing the huge tip of the axe in a low trajectory. The direct attack of the techinique would lead into a paralysis debuff.[1]

Boss BattleEdit


The strategy used by the group of players was to either dodge or block the Feral Warder Chief's attacks and, upon getting an opening, launch up to two-hit Sword Skills, in order to not suffer any lethal counterattacks.


  • On October 16, 2023:
  • Nautilus charges at the boss's left knee with his «Rage Spike».
  • After dodging the monster's counterattack, Nautilus instructs the curved sword user and his comrades to handle its minions.
  • Taking up positions, Nautilus and the two Fuurinkazan members stand in the front and pull the jailer's aggro while the groups at the sides attack the boss.
  • Using the opening created, the attackers proceed to pound the monster with their Sword Skills. The Warder Chief's first HP bar visibly decreases.
  • The Warder Chief's second HP bar cut down to fifty percent.
  • Evading the boss's two-hit attack, Nautilus counterattacks with his «Snake Bite». The Warder Chief's HP bar changes from yellow to orange.
  • The Warder Chief's HP bar is reduced to twenty percent, entering the red zone.
  • Reiforcement minions spawn, totaling twenty tormentors in the boss room.
  • The boss uses an area of effect techinique, breaking the three clearers' posture and successfully paralising five other players.
  • After throwing a recovery potion to one of the paralysed players, Yuna begins running while singing and playing her flute.
  • Both the tormentors and the boss target the singing Yuna. The two Fuurinkazan members deal heavy blows on the boss's legs.
  • Being unable to save Yuna due to his FullDive Non-Conformity, Nautilus presences the death of his childhood friend's death.
  • Suffering a fierce attack form the Fuurinkazan members, The Feral Warder Chief is defeated.


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