Fire Spear refers to an offensive, fire-element, direct fire spell in ALfheim Online.


After the incantation is completed, three rays[1] of fire[2] are fired consecutively from the caster's hands and continue travelling in a straight line.[3]


Ek fleygja þrír geirr muspilli[4]


Ekku fureigyua surīru geīru musupīri

I throw three spears of the demon's flame.[5]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 2 Episode 16 N/A A salamander mage used the spell several times against Leafa and Recon. Although Leafa was able to dodge every ray, Recon was distracted by one and killed by the Salamander he was fighting.
Dream Game -Crossover- N/A N/A A salamander attempted to attack Tatsuya with the spell, but had to cancel the spell as Tatsuya got too close to the group's vanguard. The mage once again cast the spell and fired three spears at Tatsuya once the salamander's ally was out of the way, but Tatsuya used Gram Demolition to counter the attack. The collision of the two spells resulted in an explosion.


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  5. Translation of the kanji and hiragana.


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