Not to be confused with the fishing event boss.

Fish are a type of monster that appear in lakes and can only be found by fishing.

In order to catch a fish, a player needs to meet the prerequisite in fishing skill, which differs for each fish and lake. The lake near Kirito and Asuna's Log House contained the local-god fish, making it the most difficult lake for fishing.


Aincrad ArcEdit

After getting married and moving to the 22nd Floor with Asuna, Kirito wanted to fish at a local lake, but he was not able to catch any fish. He then met Nishida, who caught a fish that required a fishing skill of 950.[1] After Nishida was invite to Kirito and Asuna's home, Nishida explaied that the lake Kirito had picked to fish in had a monster, the local fish god, which greatly increased the difficulty in fishing in the lake. Nishida offered a deal to Kirito: Nishida would hold the fishing rod until the bait was took and Kirito would then take over and use his high STR stat to pull out the fish. With that, Kirito helped fish out and defeat the monster of the area.


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