«Fishing» (釣り, Tsuri?) is a skill meant for leisure[2] in Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online that allows the player to catch fish. A certain level of the fishing skill is required to catch each type of fish, but the skill can be levelled even through unsuccessful fishing attempts.[3]


To fish, a player requires to have a fishing rod and fishing bait, the chosen bait determining what type of fish can be caught. The player must then attach the bait to the fishing rod's hook and cast it into a chosen lake. Fishing requires almost no waiting time: once the player puts the bait in the water, either a fish takes the bite within a few dozen seconds, or the player loses the bait.[4]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 2, Morning Dew Girl, Part 1 Episode 12 N/A Kirito and Asuna passed by several fisherman while on their way to the forest.
Volume 1, Chapter 18 Episode 13 Kirito used the skill to attempt to catch some fish, but did not have any luck for days due to the difficulty of his chosen lake.
Volume 1, Chapter 18 Episode 13 Nishida used the skill and successfully caught a fish.
Volume 1, Chapter 19 Episode 13 Nishida used the skill to catch The King of Lakes.


  • Fishing is unaffected by seasons.[3]
  • Certain lakes require a high level fishing skill than average for a player to be able to catch any fish.[3]
  • Fishing is Kirito's favourite skill.[1]


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