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This name of this weapon is alternatively translated as Osmanthus Blade (Yen Press).
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The Fragrant Olive Sword (金木犀(きんもくせい)の剣, Kinmokusei no Ken?) is a Divine Object-class one handed sword used by the Integrity Knight Alice Synthesis Thirty.


The Fragrant Olive Sword is a longsword with a slender form. Every part of the sword from the guard to the pommel seem like they are made out of dazzling gold while the blade itself is dyed in a bright golden yellow distinctly more intense than the sword’s scabbard. A cross-shape flower design decorates the sword’s guard.[1]


The sword was once a fragrant olive tree that had grown at the bank of a beautiful spring at the heart of the village of Centoria, where the Central Cathedral was later built on. Although the olive tree did not seem to have any irregular aspects to it at all, it was the first "immortal" object created by the Goddess of Creation Stacia, thus the sword has the attribute of eternal immortality.[1]


With the «Armament Full Control Art» in effect, the sword is capable of splitting into hundreds or even thousands of golden flakes of flower petals, each measuring less than a centimeter long. The petals have an absurdly large weight, are capable of high-speed and unrestrained movement in the air and can become sharper than a slender sword’s tip. A single petal possesses a clout of a giant’s fist and is capable of splitting a rock into two or breaking the ground upon touch. The swarm of flower petals is controlled by moving the sword’s grip.[1]

Even in its regular state, the sword has an absurdly large weight and power, capable of easily repelling any sword that comes into contact with it in battle.[1]




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