Frenzy Boar (フレンジーボア, Furenjī Boa?) is a low-level monster, found in the fields beyond the Town of Beginnings, in Sword Art Online. It is a passive monster and has to be provoked first before it engages the player in combat. It is the weakest of all enemy monsters, having been compared to slime monsters of other games,[1] and can be killed easily with one precise blow to the back of its head, its weak point.[2] The Frenzy Boar rewards a level one player with twenty-four experience points and thirty Cor after being killed.[3]


Despite its low level, the Frenzy Boar appears to be a medium-sized monster with a total length of one hundred and twenty centimeters[2] with blue fur, glowing red eyes, a flat snout and sharp tusks protruding from either side of its mouth. In contrast to its bulky size, the Frenzy Boar is capable of moving fast as it charges towards its opponents.


Aincrad ArcEdit

A Frenzy Boar in the West Field outside the Town of Beginnings was used by Kirito and Klein when the former wanted to help the latter learn the use of Sword Skills.



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