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The «Frost Scale Whip» (霜鱗鞭(そうりんべん), Sourinben?) is a «Divine Object» class whip used by the Integrity Knight Eldrie Woolsburg.


The whip was originally a two-headed white snake that was the lord of the largest lake in the eastern empire. Quinella captured the snake alive and used it as a base material for forming the whip. The whip inherited the snake's agility, the sharpness of its scales, and the accuracy of its aim.


The Frost Scale Whip is a long, snake-like, metal whip that is at least 4 meters (15 or more meters with the «armament full control» ritual) long and is gorgeously made out of interwoven silver threads with a countless number of sharp thorns sprouted along it in spirals, starting at about 1.5 meters of its length, as though it were the stem of a rose.


The true power of the whip can be revealed by using the super high-ranking Sacred Arts of «armament full control», which extends the reach of the whip several times and allows the whip to split into a maximum of 7 more segments. Additionally, with the second phase of the command, «release recollection», it can turn into an actual snake with ruby red eyes and strike its opponents of its own free will, though the command has a very short effect duration, after which the whip returns to normal.


Alicization ArcEdit

Alicization TurningEdit

Eldrie decided to use this whip for his battle with Kirito and Eugeo instead of a sword, after he saw that the boys planned on using their chains as whips. Deciding to fight the boys with all his might from the very beginning, he enchanted his weapon with a high ranking «armament full control» Sacred Art and immediately struck at Kirito, who was only barely able to dodge the whip's attack, from fifteen meters away. When Kirito attempted to attack Eldrie from up close, the whip split into two and successfully hits Kirito on the chest and, later, it uses the same trick to block Eugeo's surprise attack and hit him on the chest. When Kirito used this opening to attack Eldrie again, Kirito grabbed the whip with his left hand and wraps it around his arm so that it couldn't be removed easily. When Eugeo finally closed in and attacked the Knight again while he was unable to use the whip and Kirito ensured that his posture is broken, Eldrie was forced to use the special «Release recollection» command to turn the whip into an actual snake, which bit Eugeo's chain and pulled him into the air with it, throwing him on the pavement afterwards.


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