The Frost dragon quest refers to an unnamed quest available on the 55th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


A white dragon that lives in the mountains of the 55th Floor and feeds on crystals is said to contain a large quantity of crystals in its stomach, where the crystals turn into an extremely valuable and rare metal.

Quest DetailsEdit

The quest begins when the player speaks to a village elder in a small hamlet on the 55th Floor. The player needs to listen to an overly long story, full of useless details, told by the elder about his life, until, at the very end of the story, the elder abruptly mentions the white dragon at the West Mountain. The player must then reach the summit of the mountain, where the nocturnal dragon has made a nest. However, the players do not have to defeat the dragon to get the rare material. Instead, they must deduce that the rare material is the dragon's excrement and climb down to its nest to find the rare metal buried under the snow.

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  • In the 4-koma manga adaptation, the elder's story takes several hours to finish but, since Kirito and Lisbeth fell asleep during the story, the story restarted and they had to listen to it over again.
  • As the quest did not specifically state that the material was located inside the dragon's lair, instead of being dropped by the dragon itself, players began speculating on the requirements for the crystal to drop. One of the guesses was that a master blacksmith must be present in the party for the crystal to drop; however, as it was revealed that the players were looking in the wrong place for the crystal, the quest likely does not have any such requirements.



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