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This name is alternatively translated as Fuma Ninja Force (Yen Press)
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«Fuumaningun» (風魔忍軍(フウマニングン), Fūmaningun?) is a guild in «Sword Art Online». It is a ninja guild particularly renowned during the Closed Beta Test period for its speed. The members would focus all their parameters on agility, start battles at the front row, and then flee with incredible swiftness. Kirito dislikes the guild because NPC monsters would end up targeting nearby parties instead.


Fuumaningun members wear a dark-grey cloth armor. They also wear grey pirate masks and bandanas, light chainmail, and use small-sized scimitars as weapons.


Aincrad Arc[]

Reason for the Whiskers[]

Two members of the Fuumaningun, Kotaru and Isuke, are introduced chasing Argo, wanting information from her. Argo refuses to tell them the information on an Extra Skill that could be obtained on the 2nd Floor. The two members are soon confronted by Kirito and then chased away by a Trembling Cow monster.

The Extra Skill would later be revealed to be the «Martial Arts» skill, which allowed for combat without a weapon, but had a prerequisite that involved destroying a rock, that was nearly indestructible, with one's bare-hands, or be marked with marks resembling whiskers, on someone's face.

Known Members[]

Image Name Rank Notes
Kotaru Unknown
Isuke Unknown


  • The clan likely draws part of its name from the original ninja clan that was based in the Kanagawa Prefacture known as the Fuma clan. With its head known as Kotaro Fuma.