«Garish Gerbera» (ガリッシュ・ガーベラ, Garisshu Gābera?) is a monster that can be found on the 47th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


Found on the path leading to the Hill of Memories in the forty-seventh floor, this man-eating flower is capable of walking with the use of its roots and attacks by using its mouth and vines. Despite its grotesque appearance, the creature is relatively weak and can easily be defeated by having a white spot under its flower head attacked.[1]


The creature takes the appearance of a gigantic flower, standing up by using its roots, with a dark green stem about as thick as a human arm. The head of the flower appears to be a yellow sunflower with a wide mouth and several teeth. It has two vines sprouting from either side of its body that it uses similar to how animals user their arms.


Aincrad ArcEdit

The Black SwordsmanEdit

Silica attacked by flower monster

The flower monster attacking Silica.

One of these creatures captured and attempted to swallow Silica as she and Kirito were traveling to the Hill of Memories. Though unnerved by the appearance of the monster and embarrassed by her being captured, Silica managed to defeat it, killing it with a single stab from her dagger.[1]