Giant Venus Fly Trap refers to an unnamed monster that can be found on the 47th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


The Giant Venus Fly Trap creature is a carnivorous plant-type monster that can be found in the path towards the Hill of Memories on the 47th Floor. It attacks by using its mouth to swallow its opponents.


The creature is a gigantic venus flytrap that is light blue in color and covered with pink spots. It sprouts from the ground and is supported by a thick stem. It has eight teeth on each petal and is capable of swallowing a player whole.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Venus Flytrap attacking

Giant Venus Flytraps attacking

A couple of these creatures appeared from the ground and attacked Kirito and Silica while they were on their way towards the Hill of Memories. However, the carnivorous creatures were easily defeated.


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