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The Gigas Cedar (ギガスシダー, Gigasu Shidā?) was a tree in Rulid Village that blocked the way to the forest, as it absorbed the blessings of Solus and Terraria from its surroundings in an enormous range, preventing cultivation of crops in the area of the great tree. The tree had a diameter of four mels (meters) and a height of seventy mels (meters), standing four times higher than the bell tower of the Rulid church, the tallest building in Rulid, with its roots stretching as deep as it was tall. Its bark far exceeded the toughness of iron and could only be cut down with a blade that had a higher «Priority Level», such as the «Dragon Bone Axe».

The tree is able to absorb the blessings of Solus (sunlight) and Terraria (minerals from the earth), allowing it to recover half of the cut wounds from the previous day by morning.


The Gigas Cedar was created with near infinite Life (durability) and the ability to drain resources by Quinella after she assumed administrator powers. The Gigas Cedar was just one of her artificial physical barriers that were supposed to restrain the pioneers in the remote regions of the Human Empire.


Alicization Arc[]


The «Gigas Cedar» had grown long before Rulid village was founded and the «Sacred Task» of cutting the tree down had been passed down from generation to generation for over three hundred years since the time of the first settlers of the village. Only about one out of four mel of the tree's diameter had been cut through by the time the events of Prologue I took place. The tree was cut by swinging the Dragon Bone Axe until a sound was released which slowly chipped away at its life.

Alicization Beginning[]

In their 10th spring, Eugeo and Kirito were given the «Sacred Task» of cutting down the «Gigas Cedar». At the time, they were the seventh generation to have been given this task. The «Life» of the tree was 235,542 at the beginning of Prologue I.

Six Underworld years later, Kirito awoke near the «Gigas Cedar», where Eugeo, now seventeen years old, was still cutting down the tree, the «Life» of which had decreased to 232,315 in six years time. After rescuing Selka from the goblins in a cave at the Mountain Range at the Edge and killing a few goblins in the process, the two boys had increased their Object Control authority enough to properly use the Blue Rose Sword. In just five days, the two managed to make a cut through eighty percent of the tree's diameter by using Sword Skills, causing the tree to collapse.



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