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Golden Apple (黄金林檎, Ōgon ringo?) is a guild composed of eight members who were not among the clearers but strived to achieve success to clear the cursed death game. It was founded in the earlier days of «Sword Art Online».


Aincrad Arc[]

A Murder Case in the Area[]

The members of Golden Apple had a dispute over a certain ring drop that the group had found while hunting down a powerful monster in a dungeon. The ring gave additional statistics to the holder, +20 Agility. They end up selling the ring, since only three members wanted to keep it. Griselda goes to the front lines to get the ring appraised, however she never returns. The rest of the guild eventually learn that she died due to PK. After that, the guild disbanded due to disagreements. Half a year later, an incident happens within the «Area» and Kirito and Asuna solve the mystery. This murder was planned to try to bring out the murderer of their leader, and the criminal pointed to Griselda's real world husband, Grimlock.

Known Members[]

Image Name Rank Notes
Griselda.png Griselda Guild Leader Murdered by the members of Laughing Coffin.
Grimlock.png Grimlock Sub-leader
Schmitt.png Schmitt Front line warrior Joined the Divine Dragon Alliance after the death of Griselda.
Caynz.png Caynz Front line warrior
Yolko.png Yolko Unknown