Not to be confused with a similarly named area that only exists in the Hollow Fragment game.

The Great Void (中央大空洞(グレートボイド), Gurēto Boido?, lit. "central large cavity") was a bottomless hole in Jötunheimr in ALfheim Online that existed directly below Thrymheim, around 1km below Alfheim.[1]


The Great Void was a hole that was roughly 1.5km in diameter. Initially, its wall was covered by ice with its color gradient shifting from transparent white at the top part to light blue, blue, deep blue and finally dark black.

Yui once stated that its bottom structure was undefined in the map data,[2] but by the time of «The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace» quest, Urðr stated that Niflheim existed below Jötunheimr and Yui also suggested Muspellheim existed further below it, however has not been implemented into the system yet. It was also speculated that the Great Void would actually connect with them.

By the time of «The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace» quest, Niflheim still had not been implemented into the game's system, but it was connected to the Great Void in setting.[3]


Before Jötunheimr was invaded by Thrym, the Great Void was a wide lake, called Urðr spring, which was filled with shining water with the roots of the World Tree extended into it and extended to the lake's surroundings.


Fairy DanceEdit

After Kirito and Leafa were grabbed by Tonky onto his back and moved to the southern side of the Great Void for a nap, they met a team of 24 Undine players, who wanted to hunt Tonky. After some attack and defense, Tonky grew four pairs of wings out from its body, defeating the Undine players. Then, while carrying Kirito and Leafa, it flew above the Great Void to a set of stairs, which connected to Alne.


Kirito and his party members, who were on their way to complete «The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace» quest, stepped down from stairs that extended from Alne to Jötunheimr and rode on Tonky to reach the inverted ice pyramid to attempt to clear the dungeon. However, Tonky suddenly flew down to the side of this Great Void, where the party noticed that the Beast-type Evil Gods were being slaughtered by players and Humanoid-type Evils Gods. They were then approached by Urðr, the queen of the former lake, who asked them to retrieve the Holy Sword Excalibur from Thrymheim. After hearing her request and agreeing to help her, the party flew up to Thrymheim.

After Thrym was beaten and the Holy Sword Excalibur was retrieved by Kirito, the castle began to collapse and fall towards the Great Void, along with the fairies that were still in the castle. The fairies were, however, rescued by Tonky and then Sinon also help retrieved Excalibur from falling to the Great Void.

After Thrymheim completely collapsed, the Great Void turned back into Urðr spring, restoring Jötunheimr to its former appearance as well.


  • The Great Void is based on Ginnungagap (Yawning Void) from Norse Mythology.[citation needed]


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