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Guild Clearers' 56th floor boss meeting

A Guild (ギルド, Girudo?) is a group of players, most on par with each other in regard to levels, with an organized structure and a leader, in various major online games. Known games that have guilds are «Sword Art Online», «ALfheim Online» and «Gun Gale Online». Guilds in Gun Gale Online are called Squadrons (スコードロン, Sukōdoron?). The current number of existing guilds in each VR game is unknown.

Guilds in Sword Art Online could only be formed after a certain quest is completed on the 3rd Floor.[1][2] Most known top guilds are composed of Clearers, high-leveled and experienced players. Within the system, guilds have recognised abbreviations of three to four letters long.[citation needed]


In Sword Art Online, guilds are managed through a Contract Scroll (約定のスクロール, Yakujou no Sukurōru?), which gives players access to the guild finances and management of the guild personnel list. This scroll is the sign of a guild leader, but other members of the guild may also be granted permission to manage the scroll.[3]

Guild Features[]

Guilds have unique features that allow players to interact differently from regular player to player interactions and thus offer several benefits to its members:

  • Guild members have access to a common guild storage, which can be used to easily share items, such as potions, among themselves.[4] This storage cannot be opened within a dungeon.[3]
  • The guild member list can be used for tracking the position of a fellow guild member, if the said member is not within a dungeon.[5]
  • Guild members are able to send short messages to one another. Does not work within a dungeon.
  • Guilds have customizable emblems[6] which appear on the guild members' top left interface, next to the player's Hit Point (HP) bar,[7][8] as well as next to the player's Hit Point bar from another player's point of view.[6][9][10]
  • When guild members are in the same party, the players receive a slight increase in their stats.[11]
  • Guilds can purchase their own Guild Headquarters, which can only be entered by members of the guild.[12]

The only known drawback of being a member of a guild is that guild members are taxed whenever they earn money and the taxed money is sent to the guild's vault.[11]

Known Guilds[]

Sword Art Online[]

Image English Name Japanese Name Abbreviation Notes
ALF.png Aincrad Liberation Force アインクラッド解放軍
(Ainkuraddo Kaihougun)
Aincrad Liberation Squad アインクラッド解放隊
(Ainkuraddo Kaihoutai)
ALS Merged with MTD to form the Aincrad Liberation Force after the 25th Floor boss battle
Divine Dragon Alliance Members.png Divine Dragon Alliance 聖竜連合(ディヴァイン・ドラゴンズ・アライアンス)
(Seiryū Rengō(Divain Doragonzu Araiansu))
Divine Division 天穹師団(ディヴァイン・ディヴィジョン)
(Tenkyū Shidan(Divain Divijon))
Dragon Knights Brigade ドラゴンナイツ・ブリゲード
(Doragon Naitsu Burigēdo)
Fuumaningun 風魔忍軍(フウマニングン)
Existence only confirmed for the beta test.
Fuurinkazan.png Fuurinkazan 風林火山
Golden Apple.png Golden Apple 黄金林檎
(Ougon Ringo)
GA Disbanded
KOB members.png Knights of the Blood 血盟騎士団
(Ketsumei Kishidan)
Laughing coffin.png Laughing Coffin 笑う棺桶(ラフィン・コフィン)
(Warau Kan'oke(Rafin Kofin))
Not a guild system-wise. Majority of members either killed or imprisoned as of August 2024.
MMO Today MMOトゥデイ
(MMO Tudei)
MTD Merged with ALS to form the Aincrad Liberation Force after the 25th Floor boss battle.
Black Cats.png Moonlit Black Cats 月夜の黒猫団
(Tsukiyo no Kuronekodan)
Disbanded after the majority of the members were killed on June 22, 2023.
Silver Flags シルバーフラグス
(Shirubā Furagusu)
Majority of members killed on February 14, 2024.
Titan's Hand.png Titan's Hand タイタンズハンド
(Taitanzu Hando)
Members imprisoned as of February 24, 2024.
Two-Handed Builders[13] ツーハンデッド・ビルダーズ
(Tsūhandeddo Birudāzu)
Colloquially referred to as the Bro Squad (アニキ軍団, Aniki Gundan?).

ALfheim Online[]

Image English Name Japanese Name Abbreviation Notes
Fuurinkazan 風林火山 WWFM [citation needed]
Sleeping Knights.png Sleeping Knights スリーピング・ナイツ