This name of this weapon is alternatively translated as Heaven-Piercing Blade (Yen Press).
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The Heaven Piercing Sword (天穿剣(てんせんけん), Tensenken?) is a Divine Object-class sword used by the Integrity Knight Fanatio Synthesis Two.


The large straight sword is slender and seems to be specialized for thrusting skills.


In 250 HEC, Quinella confiscated silver coins and other silver items from the residents of the Human Empire for one of her experiments. She commanded glass makers to make a thousand mirror panes from the gathered silver items. Quinella then used the thousand mirrors for her experiment in using the mirrors to reflect the light of Solus into one spot, thus creating a powerful beam of light without chanting.

Although when focused on a single spot, the reflected light was capable of creating a pure white inferno that melted a large man-size rock in sheer minutes, Quinella judged that this new weapon would require too much preparation to be of use. However, in order not to waste the thousand mirrors, she used Sacred Arts to forge a single sword out of the mirrors, thus creating the Heaven Piercing Sword.


With the «armament full control» art cast on the sword, it is capable of generating and firing light rays at its opponent without any preparatory steps, meaning that it does not have to charge a light ray before firing it. Although the rays do not look like they deal a lot of damage, as a person hit by them does not bleed, they do cause small explosions upon impact and they are powerful enough to make the target fall onto their knees after being hit and can even melt the high-grade marble of the Central Cathedral.

With the second phase of the «armament full control» art, release recollection, the sword begins viciously firing ultra-hot light rays in every direction in a radial pattern every second, hitting both the sword's user, the opponent and any bystanders that get in its way.


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