The Hill of Memories (思い出の丘, Omoide no Oka?) is a dungeon on the 47th Floor of Aincrad. This dungeon is the only place where the Tamed Beast revival item, the Pneuma Flower, spawns.[1]


The Hill of Memories is generally a red-bricked path that is lined with flowers upon a large, steep hill. The dungeon starts after crossing a bridge that crosses over a small stream, and has no forks in the path that leads the way to the end of the dungeon.[2]

Many plant-type monsters spawn in the flower bed that lines the path, with the exception of a anemone-like monster which lies in wait under the path.[3]

The Hill of Memories ends at the top of the hill with a dense forest and flower bed which could be compared to a sky garden. A shining white stone with a small indent lies in the middle of the flower bed,[2] where the Pneuma Flower blooms in the presence of a Beast Tamer with a deceased Tamed Monster's heart item.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Spawn point of the Pneuma Flower.


Aincrad ArcEdit

The Black SwordsmanEdit

On February 24, 2024, Kirito and Silica came to this dungeon in hopes of reviving the latter's Feathered Little Dragon Pina. Before entering the dungeon, Silica asked Kirito about his sister in the real world, of whom he had stated earlier that Silica reminded him. Clarifying that she was actually his cousin, Kirito revealed how he and Suguha were forced to learn kendo by Kirito's grandfather. When Kirito fell out of the sport, his grandfather beat him. His cousin intervened and said she would put forth the effort for the two of them. Kirito felt that his actions caused him to be guilty, since his cousin could have been doing something she enjoyed. Silica rejected this belief, saying that Kirito's cousin most likely actually enjoyed kendo to accomplish so well. Kirito ended up being comforted by Silica and remarked on that feeling.

The dungeon was fairly easy, though Silica was attacked by various plant monsters and nearly fainted to a sea anemone-like monster's attacks. At the end of the dungeon, Silica entered the sky garden but noticed that the Pneuma Flower was nowhere to be found. However, as she approached the white stone pedestal, the Pneuma Flower bloomed in front of her eyes. Silica took the flower and head out of the dungeon with Kirito.

As they were nearing the bridge at the start of the dungeon, Kirito stopped Silica and called out to the people hiding behind the trees, ordering them to reveal themselves. Rosalia stepped out from behind the tree, surprising Silica and shocking her further by demanding her Pneuma Flower. Kirito refused in Silica's stead and revealed Rosalia to be the leader of the orange guild Titan's Hand. He continued revealing his true intentions on following Silica because the leader of the Silver Flags had asked for someone to jail the Titan’s Hand guild for ambushing and killing the rest of his guild. Rosalia casually stated her disbelief in the reality of the death game and her lack of intentions of being jailed, before calling forth the rest of her guild members.

Silica urged Kirito to retreat, but instead, he simply requested her to have her Teleport Crystal ready, before stepping forward to face the guild. One of the Titan’s Hand members recognized Kirito's name and tried to inform Rosalia that Kirito was the Black Swordsman, a beater and a member of the Clearers. Rosalia ignored this information, questioning the presence of a Clearer on the middle floors, and commanded her guild to attack Kirito.

After several seconds of simply standing and accepting his opponents' assault, Kirito disclosed that he was Level 74 with 14,500 hit points, and that his «Battle Healing» Skill healed more hit points than the amount of damage the Titan's Hand guild members were able to inflict before it completely regenerated. At one of the guild members' vocal disbelief at that revelation, Kirito declared that the difference in numbers were what made level-based MMOs so unfair. Rosalia attempted to teleport away, but Kirito merely stopped her by dashing in front of her and easily plucking the Teleport Crystal from her hand. He then grabbed Rosalia and dragged her to her guildmates. Kirito then opened a corridor using the Corridor Crystal that the leader of the Silver Flags gave him. He then gave the choice of entering prison of their free will or being paralyzed by a Level 5 poison before Kirito forcefully threw them in.

Rosalia was the last to enter the corridor portal, and said that she was a «Green Player», and that if Kirito hurt her, he would be left «Orange». Kirito tossed this fact aside with the statement that he was a solo player, and that playing a few days while orange would mean nothing to him. Kirito then proceeded to throw Rosalia into the corridor, whom futilely tried to persuade Kirito to join her guild before disappearing into the portal herself.

Kirito finally apologized for using Silica as bait, and the two returned to the Weathercock Pavilion in Mishe on the 35th Floor to revive Pina.

Known MonstersEdit



  • In the anime, the spawn point of the Pneuma Flower is depicted as a small shrine, rather than a large flower bed with a large, white rock with an indent wherein the Flower would spawn.[3]



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