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«Horizontal» (ホリゾンタル, Horizontaru?) is a basic, 1-hit, One-handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


«Horizontal» consists of a single horizontal slash that is carried out by first focusing the weight of the body on the right foot before moving the sword back slightly, then lifting one's left foot due to the inertial weight of the sword and shifting the weight to the left side of the body, thus converting the strength in the swinging motion inside the legs and waist from the hands to the tip of the waist into power for the sword swing.

The only difference between a «Horizontal» and a «Slant» is whether the trajectory of the sword is horizontal or slanted.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 8, First Day N/A N/A Kirito used this skill numerous times to hit the weak point of Little Nepents while looking for one with a flower and later after being assaulted by a huge group of them.
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14 N/A Kirito used boosted «Horizontals» as well as «Slants» to deflect Illfang the Kobold Lord's attacks, until he was hit by «Gengetsu».
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 12 N/A Kirito used «Horizontal» to hit Nato the Colonel Taurus's hammer as it was about to begin a numbing attack, canceling the attack before it could begin.
Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth, Part 8 N/A Having been buffed by Yofilis, Kirito used Horizontal to send a forest elf into the lake.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 2 Alicization Episode 02 Kirito attempted to use this skill with the Dragon Bone Axe against the Gigas Cedar, but the skill did not activate and he hit the wrong part of the giant tree.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 3 Alicization Episode 03 Kirito attempted to use the skill against the Gigas Cedar again, but this time with the Blue Rose Sword. The skill did not activate due to Kirito's Object Control Authority being too low to wield the sword properly and he hit the tree's bark instead of the cut, making Kirito suffer a serious feedback from the hit and hit the ground.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 5 Alicization Episode 04 Kirito attempted the skill with the Blue Rose Sword again, this time successfully activating the skill, accurately hitting its target.
Volume 9, Chapter 1, Part 5 Alicization Episode 04 During the following five days, Kirito attempted to teach Eugeo how to use the skill by using the Gigas Cedar as a training platform. Eugeo was only able to successfully perform the skill on the second day of training.
Volume 11, Chapter 5, Part 4 Alicization Episode 10 Eugeo used the skill on Humbert Zizek, after Tiese Shtolienen's scream added the final drop to Eugeo's resolve, allowing him to break his Seal of the Right Eye and cut off Humbert's left arm.
Volume 13, Chapter 9 Alicization Episode 17 Alice used this skill against two attacking gargoyles, severing their four arms and two torsos with one refined slash.


  • «Horizontal» is the first Sword Skill that Eugeo learns.


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  1. Only in ALO.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Only in SAO and ALO
  3. Only in SAO