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Humbert Zizek (ウンベール・ジーゼック, Unbēru Jīzekku?) is a minor antagonist in the Alicization Arc. He is a fourth class noble and swordsman-in-training at the North Centoria's Imperial Sword Mastery Academy, as well as Raios Antinous's follower and only friend.


Humbert Zizek design for Alicization anime.png

Humbert has gray hair, always plastered in oil. During his first year in the Sword Mastery Academy he uses the same gray uniform as all the others, but in his second year, upon becoming an Elite Swordsman-in-Training, he uses a pale yellow custom made uniform.


Humbert Zizek, much like his friend Raios, is a prideful man and even more so than Raios. For example, not only did he intentionally keep his ranking down during the first year in the Academy to avoid having to follow someone's orders, but, unlike Raios, when he became the second ranked Elite Swordsman-in-Training, he was obsessed with Eugeo adding his and Raios's titles whenever he mentioned their names and openly insulted Eugeo for being a commoner.

Humbert, unlike Raios, is hot-headed and thus cannot control his anger, as seen when, after his and Eugeo's duel was declared a draw, he immediately burst into anger and openly insulted Eugeo until Raios calmed him down.

Humbert himself is not as cunning as Raios, since he lets his emotions get the best of him, however, he gladly joins Raios whenever the latter comes up with a scheme to taunt, insult or hurt either Kirito or Eugeo. For example, when Kirito and Eugeo came to their room to complain about Humbert mistreating his valet, Humbert denied having done anything like that, until he realized what Raios was planning and, showing a venomous smile, played along, revealing how he had his valet massage his body while undressed to her underwear, thus provoking Eugeo to remark how inappropriate it was and gave Raios the opportunity ridicule Eugeo for Eugeo himself had undressed to his underwear multiple times in front of his former mentor.

Humbert, like Raios, is a cruel and even sadistic man. When Eugeo suggested a first-strike duel, Humbert gladly accepted the duel and even attempted to crush Eugeo's shoulder with his skill while having a sadistic smile on his face. Humbert also took pleasure in getting the chance to "punish" Eugeo and Kirito's valets and even suggested having a competition to see which of the girls cried out first.


Humbert is the son of a 4th class noble who enlisted in the Sword Academy the same year as Kirito and Eugeo. Like his friend Raios, he held back his abilities during their first year to prevent being selected as a valet for a senior student.


Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Running[]

Humbert appeared in the cafeteria sitting besides Raios Antionous, when Kirito and Eugeo sat near them. They raised their voice, emitting commentaries to enrage them.

When Kirito was dueling the head swordsman Volo Levantein with real swords as a punishment for getting dirt on his uniform Humbert, Raios, and the entire school were shocked when the duel ended in a draw.

After the duel, Humbert accompanied Raios to destroy the flowers that Kirito was cultivating and mocked in Kirito's face when the latter came to check up on his flowers. Days later Humbert became speechless when he saw Kirito giving the same flowers in perfect state to Sortiliena Serlut.

Alicization Turning[]

After seeing Kirito handing one of the flowers they destroyed to Sortiliena, he decides not to mess with him anymore and instead directs all his insults and mockery towards Eugeo.

Humbert's duel with Eugeo.

When Eugeo comes to practice in the arena, Humbert is already practicing with Raios there. After teasing Eugeo and inviting him to duel them, they are surprised that he accepts to duel with Humbert. During the battle Eugeo makes him stumble, and while he was recovering, Raios stops the duel and declares a draw. Although he did not agree with this decision, he followed Raios orders and left the arena.

After losing against Eugeo, Humbert makes his valetFrenica Szeski, enter the bathroom with him to give him massages and makes her strip to her underwear with the excuse that it was for her not to drench her uniform. Days later Eugeo and Kirito visit him at his and Raios room to ask him to stop mistreating Frenica. He plays dumb and acts as if he had not done anything wrong, provoking Eugeo to comment how improper it is to ask one's valet to undress and giving the two nobles the pretext to mock Eugeo for undressing in front of his mentor, Golgorosso Balto, many times himself.

Another day he is visited by Ronye Arabel and Tiese Shtolienen in his and Raios' room and, as before, he plays dumb and this enrages the two girls to the point that they offend him and Raios, which was what they were expecting the girls to do. Using this offense as an excuse, the upper class noblemen make use of their right as higher nobles to judge lower nobles and apply punishment to the girls by raping them. He waits for Eugeo to arrive and orders him to watch as they "punish" Ronye and Tiese. When Eugeo, after building up the will power to break the rules, attacks them and cuts his arm, he tries to stop the bleeding by using the ropes that the girls were tied with, but is unable to act coherently due to shock. When Raios dies, he runs through the dormitory screaming for help, and that Kirito and Eugeo were murderers.


Like Raios, he has been trained in the High Norkia sword style, which focuses on taking down the opponent with one hit.




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