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ISL Ragnarok (ISL ラグナロク, ISL Ragunaroku?), or ISL Ragnarök, is an island in Gun Gale Online that serves as the grand stage for the free-for-all finals of the 3rd Bullet of Bullets, during which the thirty finalists are spawned randomly on the island at least a thousand meters apart from each other.[1]


ISL Ragnarok is a round island with a diameter of ten kilometers,[1] about the size of the 1st Floor of Aincrad.[1] The island consists of various geographical elements: it has forests, hills, deserts, rural and city areas, rivers, prairies and bridges.[2]

The Lost City is located at the center of the island.[3] The city is likely modeled after the most famous cities of the world, like New York City.[4] There are many skyscrapers in the city that mixed all sorts of functions with traditional beauty.[4] There are plenty of old English adverts and bulletins, which have become old and covered by weeds and sand.[4] A river to the south of the island leads to a drain at the city where the water flows into the undergrounds of the city.[4] A metal bridge is built above the river[3] to the south[2] while a mountainous area[3] is located further to the south.[2] A forest is located to the east of the bridge,[3] with a rural area located to the north of it.[2] A desert with caves[3] is located to the north of the city area,[2] while a prairie area is located to the south of the city area.[4]

A satellite is located in geosynchronous orbit above the island, providing a scan of the map and the position of all currently alive contestants to all the competitors that are able to get a signal from the satellite via a Satellite Scan Terminal every fifteen minutes.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Lost City
  • Desert
  • Rural area
  • Forest
  • Iron bridge
  • Mountainous area
  • Prairie



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