Ice Arrows refers to a water-element, non-homing offensive spell in ALfheim Online.


Ice Arrow Targeting Reticule

The targeting reticule for the spell.

As the incantation of the spell is completed, four glittering pieces of ice appear in front of the caster and solidify into ice pillar-like arrows. Once the arrows have been formed, a blue circle appears in the caster's eyes, allowing the caster to choose the trajectory for the attack. Once the target is chosen, the caster swings down their weapon to fire the spell.[1]


Ek skýt fjórir ískaldur ör[2]

I shoot four glacial arrows[2]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 7, Chapter 7 SII Episode 21 Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.006 Asuna used the spell to attack The Four-Armed Giant at the point where its two necks connected to confirm that it was its weak point.


  • In the animation of the spell, the word fjórir (four) was changed to þrír (three) and only three arrows were formed. However, Asuna recited the word fjórir instead of þrír.



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