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Ichiemom (イチエモン, Ichiemon?) is a robot that appears in the Alicization Arc. It was designed by Higa Takeru and Koujiro Rinko on the «Ocean Turtle». Ichiemom's real name is «Electroactive Muscled Operative Machine» (エレクトロアクティブ・マッスルド・オペレーティブ・マシーン, Erekutoroakutibu Massurudo Operētibu Mashīn?, abbreviated as EMOM), and then adding ichi ("one" in Japanese) to the front, since it is the first of its series. EMOMs are robots that were designed for an AI to pilot, however, Ichiemom itself is only a prototype meant for data collection, not for an advanced AI to pilot, thus its mind uses a conventional architecture that is not suitable for a «Bottom-Up AI». Instead, testing for a machine that a Fluctlight can pilot is being conducted on Niemom (or, "Second EMOM", ni being "two" in Japanese).


Ichiemom is about the same size as a human, but its skeletal structure is a plain metal frame with countless plastic cylinders mounted on its limbs and waist. It has joints that are complex formations of exposed gears and the multicolored signal cables creep around its body like blood vessels. Its face is composed of three lenses of large, medium and small sizes.


Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Turning[]

Asuna first sees Ichiemom while walking up the stairs in the main shaft of the «Ocean Turtle». Takeru calls to Ichiemom after it stops in front of Asuna, and tells her about the robot. Rinko walks down and explains that Takeru is helping her fine-tune the program used to run the machine, then takes Asuna to the sub-control room to so she can see Kirito. Rinko then starts discussing development for Ichiemom with Takeru before taking Asuna to lunch.