Intercontinental Highway (大陸間高速道, Tariku-kan Kousoku Michi?) is one of the random fields used for the Bullet of Bullets tournament's preliminary matches.


Like all preliminary match fields, the Intercontinental Highway is a one kilometer square area.[1] The field consists of a highway that goes from east to west.[2] The highway is located in the middle of an urban area, full of abandoned and ravaged tall buildings.[3] The players spawn on the east and west side of the highway, 500 meters apart.[2] As the players cannot get off the highway, the battlefield is quite slender and simple.[2] However, there are numerous vehicles on the highway, even a helicopter wreckage.[2] The highway itself has numerous cracks as the road goes up and down, thus the players are unable to see the other side of the highway.[2]


Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

On December 13, 2025, the Intercontinental Highway was the map chosen for the F Block preliminary finals between Sinon and Kirito. After Sinon was spawned on the map and noticed that she was at the eastern-most corner of the highway and that there were vehicles around, she went for a large tour bus, entered it from its semi-open back door and went up to the second level of the bus where she set up her position to wait for Kirito. However, she was surprised that Kirito was coming without even trying to avoid being shot and then realised that he intended to get shot. Angered by the turn of events, Sinon fired six shots in a row, but could not hit her target due to her pulse making the Bullet Circle pulsate too fast. She then left the bus to confront Kirito and told him that she viewed their battle seriously. Realising that he too once blamed someone like that, Kirito offered to settle the match with a duel by standing ten meters apart and using an FN Five-Seven's bullet to determine the start of the duel. Once the bullet hit the ground, Sinon fired at Kirito's leg, as the shot from her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II at close range would have dealt sufficient damage to kill him, but Kirito predicted Sinon's plan by following her eyes and was able to slice the bullet in half with his Kagemitsu G4. After a short conversation, Kirito had Sinon resign, as he did not want to slice a girl.


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