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«Kagemitsu G4» (カゲミツG4, Kagemitsu G4?) is a photon sword (フォトンソード, Foton Sōdo?) sold for 150,000 credits in Gun Gale Online. The sword is alternatively referred to as a «Kouken» (光剣(こうけん), Kōken?, lit. "light sword"), laser blade, lightsaber or beam sabre.

A black Kagemitsu G4 with a purplish-blue energy blade[1] was purchased by Kirito and used as his primary weapon in Gun Gale Online.


A Kagemitsu G4 is a metal, tube-like weapon[1] that is 3.5 centimeters in diameter and 19.8 centimeters long.[2] On one end, a metal tool that looks like a mountaineering carabiner hangs down.[1] The aperture end is slightly thicker with a black hole in the center.[1] The colour of the weapon can be customised, with twelve choices available[2], and the energy blade emitted is one meter long.[1]

Compared to ordinary swords, the 800 gram[2] Kagemitsu G4 is lighter in weight, which is its main advantage in GGO.[1] However, it also has continuous usage limits due to overheating, as well as battery limits.[3]


Phantom Bullet Arc[]

Kirito bought a «Kagemitsu G4» because it was the only weapon he had found that resembled a sword, which he preferred as he was used to clashing with swords in Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online. Kirito was quite proficient with this saber, as he was able to slice up bullets flying at him. Despite being a photon sword, it is unable to cut through all materials, as shown when pitted against the Starship Metal Estoc.



  • The Kagemitsu G4 was introduced to the game by the whims of the creators to resemble the Lightsabers from the popular science-fiction movie series Star Wars.
  • After Kirito's appearance in the third Bullet of Bullets, the photon sword experienced a great rush of popularity, but no one was able to deflect bullets with any skill resembling Kirito's. Sinon was among those who tried it without success.
  • A bugged sword named Kage■tsu_4[† 1], similar to the Kagemitsu G4 but with a red blade, is available in Sword Art Online: Lost Song as a possible drop from the Black Lotus extra quest. An identical sword is also available as Downloadable Content (DLC) in both Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment, under the names Photon Sword and Lightblade: Photon Sword, respectively.


  1. The name of the sword is changed to Ka+@e_su%204 in the English localization.



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