Killer Mantis (キラーマンティス, Kirā Mantisu?) are bug creatures found on the 20th Floor in the Sunshine Forest.


The Killer Mantises are green mantises that are slightly larger in size than an average human. These creatures have 4 arachnid legs that they use to support themselves, as well as 2 more scythe-like limbs protruding out of the side of their chests that they use for attacking. One of these limbs is green while the other looks like an actual metal scythe. These monsters also have large red eyes, small but sharp triangle teeth and a blue tongue.


The Killer Mantises reward the player with 352 Exp and 180 Cor after being killed.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Kirito fought these with his fellow members of Moonlit Black Cats to help them gain more experience and Cor.



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