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Kirito Kataomoi Alliance (キリトに片思い同盟(アライアンス), Kirito ni Kataomoi Araiansu, abbreviated as KKA?) is an alliance formed by Leafa, Lisbeth, Silica, and Sinon to protect Asuna and Kirito. The alliance is mentioned in There is But One Ultimate Way. The reason behind the formation of this alliance is because none of them have confidence to compete against Asuna.


There is But One Ultimate WayEdit

In summer of 2026, while three of the alliance members - Leafa, Lisbeth, and Sinon were drinking tea in ALfheim Online, they were all sad because Lisbeth was ending her last high school summer holiday and would end a stage in her life, and with the feeling shared by Sinon, as she intended to get a job. While Leafa was satisfied with just being by her elder brother's side, she was afraid that one day it would even be difficult to stay by Kirito's side when he will have to go for further education or get a job and slowly leave their small circle, as well as go less often onto ALO. It made the girls think of the gradually changing environment that finally might even let this feeling disappear and start crying.

Then Alice raised the idea that there was not just one real world, as Underworld was also a real world. She then bowed and begged Asuna to let everyone create dazzling memories that last a lifetime and would remain with them even in the real world. Thus lead to events in the side story "There is But One Ultimate Way".