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Konno Yuuki (紺野木綿季, Konno Yūki?), known as Yuuki (ユウキ, Yūki?) in «Serene Garden»,[7] «Asuka Empire»,[8] «Insect Site»,[9] and «ALfheim Online» (ALO), was the deuteragonist of the Mother's Rosario side story, and the protagonist of the Sisters' Prayer side story in the Sword Art Online series. She was the younger sister of Konno Aiko and one of the three founders and the 2nd leader of the «Sleeping Knights» guild, a group of terminally ill patients who met in Serene Garden, a virtual hospice for the terminally ill, and played various virtual reality games as a form of palliative care.

After two years of visiting a variety of virtual worlds, Yuuki and her guild eventually arrived at ALfheim Online, where she became known as Absolute Sword (絶剣, Zekken?) due to winning sixty-seven consecutive duels on the street, including one against Kirito. She was also known for creating the eleven-hit Original Sword Skill (OSS) named Mother's Rosario in the game. She spent her last moments of life while logged on to ALO in Asuna's arms, surrounded by her friends and more than a thousand other players.


Real Life

Yuuki had short, black-brown hair[10] and, in the final moments of her life, she had extremely pale skin, which made her look very sick.[11]

ALfheim Online

Yuuki's ALO Avatar Full Body

In ALfheim Online, Yuuki's avatar was a slim Imp with milky white with a hint of purple skin, lustrous and gorgeous, long, purplish-black hair, and red eyes. She wore obsidian chest armour, a bluebottle violet tunic and a windswept skirt of the same colour beneath the armour. A thin, black sheath hung on her waist.[12]


Yuuki was the kind of person willing to live life to the fullest even in her critical condition, when she died peacefully in happiness. She believed some things must be done in forceful means for the other party to understand.


Konno Yuuki was born on May 23, 2010. Due to dystocia, a caesarean section had to be performed. An accident during this operation caused a large amount of bleeding and thus a blood transfusion was necessitated. However, the blood was tainted with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which may result in the development of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). By the time the virus was detected, the entire family was already infected.[13] Although Yuuki continued to fight the disease, a group of students during the course of her fourth grade discovered that she was a carrier of HIV. As rumors about Yuuki spread around the school, she was forced to transfer schools. At that moment, Yuuki's immune system began collapsing, resulting in her being hospitalised after contracting pneumocystis pneumonia in 2022.[14] For the next year and three months,[15] she underwent severe procedures to treat the infections her body was no longer able to resist.[16]

In February 2023,[17] after contracting esophageal candidiasis, Yuuki received an offer from Doctor Kurahashi to test the first experimental Medicuboid prototype, which had just been completed. Due to the recent occurrence of the Sword Art Online Incident, few people were willing to test the FullDive machine's capabilities, though the requirements of careful maintenance and clean location for the Medicuboid would result in a drastically reduced risk of infection for the patient. While Yuuki's family was concerned by the requisite of her constant confinement to a sterile room and inability to interact with anyone, she herself was attracted by the possibilities of the virtual world and agreed to the experiment.[16] During the three years Yuuki spent constantly logged into the machine, her parents died at the end of 2023[7] and her sister Aiko followed suit in 2024.[18]


Sisters' Prayer

On May 11, 2024, Yuuki was dozing in the Teal Hills area of Serene Garden when Ran alerted her to a news article detailing the national police agency's plan to simultaneously release the victims of the Sword Art Online Incident from their NerveGears. The twins discussed the government's proposition to break into all the player's NerveGears and destroy the batteries at the same time, as well as Kayaba Akihiko's reason for creating the death game. As Yuuki surveyed the areas around their location, she remembered how she, her sister, and their parents had managed to spend one hour with each other in Serene Garden before the latter's deaths. When Ran proposed to gather some herbs, Yuuki agreed with the idea.

While picking herbs to accumulate enough «curren» to fully customize their house, Yuuki was apprised by Ran of a rare Royal Triton Stag Beetle, worth enough curren to purchase the large Russian stove they desired, on a nearby tree. As they had not brought any instruments for catching insects, Yuuki decided to capture it with her bare hands, thus she stealthily approached it, successfully seizing the beetle just before it could fly away. While pondering on her next course of action, she was startled when a girl appeared at her side, declaring that she had been hunting the rare insect for the past hour.

Although Yuuki claimed ownership of the stag beetle by right of first catch, she went silent when the newcomer observed that the former had no cage to safely transport the insect back to her home. Prompted by Ran, as well as realizing that the girl was better suited to take care of the beetle, Yuuki offered it to her without requesting anything in return. When Ran proposed to let her name the creature in lieu of a trade, Yuuki decided upon naming it Roy. After the insect was secured, Yuuki and Ran introduced themselves to the girl, who revealed her name to be Merida and suddenly collapsed, prompting Yuuki to catch her.

After Merida recovered, Yuuki felt concerned over the former's condition in the real world, as her presence in Serene Garden and her calm attitude towards her fainting indicated that she was suffering a brain-related issue not meant to be taken lightly. After hearing how Merida had been playing another FullDive game before Serene Garden, Yuuki agreed to her suggestion to continue their discussion over tea in the village.

In Roite Village, both Konno sisters ordered crepes at a good shop Merida knew. During the meal, Yuuki recalled how her mother used to make crepes for them and how she used to enjoy eating lunch with her friends, before the revelation that she was an HIV carrier ostracized her from everyone. Later in the conversation, the Konno twins disclosed how neither of them had been in any virtual reality world other than Serene Garden. As they expressed their reservations about the expensiveness of virtual reality games, the two were recommended to try Asuka Empire, a free-to-play game. Seeing how Ran was torn between guilt overusing their advanced FullDive machines to play games and longing to see an unknown world, Yuuki gathered enough resolve to encourage her sister to accept the invitation, and the three agreed to meet in-game at one o'clock the next day.

The next day on May 12, Yuuki activated her Medicuboid and logged into Asuka Empire with the avatar she had finished creating beforehand. As they examined their new surroundings in wonderment, Yuuki and Ran were greeted by Merida, who introduced them to the basics of Asuka Empire's mechanics. After being led to Kiyomihara, Asuka Empire's capital, and taught about the different character classes and styles in the game, Yuuki chose to become a swordswoman for the initiation quest.

After spending the following two hours to complete the quest, the trio treated themselves to some sweet red bean soup to celebrate. Around sunset, when the group had finished their meal, Yuuki conversed with Merida about the different attitudes of their doctors regarding the use of FullDive to improve the quality of life of patients in palliative care. As the discussion turned to their own thoughts and feelings on virtual reality, Yuuki found herself wishing to continue feeling as happy as she did at that moment.

Several days later on May 16, having undergone a physical checkup by Doctor Kurahashi, Yuuki entered Asuka Empire, where she upgraded to a samurai class after defeating the final boss of the class advancement questline with the help of Ran and Merida. During a celebration of their success, Yuuki was praised for her skills by Merida. As Ran was usually the one to receive praise for her abilities, Yuuki guiltily felt her capabilities seemed better to Merida than her twin's only because she was using a more advanced FullDive device, and thus she accidentally revealed she was not using an AmuSphere.

With the situation salvaged by her older sister's claim that they were using modified NerveGears, the girls continued having fun with each other over the next few days, alternately playing Asuka Empire and checking on Merida's stag beetle and eating crepes in Serene Garden. On the evening of May 21, Yuuki and Ran suddenly received a request from Merida to let her visit them at their hospital for their upcoming birthdays. As Yuuki would not be able to meet Merida in person due to the Medicuboid's confidentiality, they decided to have Merida join them in Yuuki's VR room by diving via her AmuSphere from Aiko's hospital room.

However, two days later on May 23, Yuuki was notified by Ran that Merida had taken Aiko's modified NerveGear after arriving at the hospital, leaving a note detailing her plan to use it to log into Sword Art Online. However, Yuuki and Ran instead found the girl at the place they first met her, where the twins learnt about her guilt due to being unable to join her fellow beta testers in the official release of Sword Art Online. Doubting her ability to convince Merida through words alone that she could still find a purpose to live for outside of Sword Art Online, Yuuki challenged her to a duel in Asuka Empire, hoping to properly convey all of her thoughts and emotions through it.

Having moved to Asuka Empire, Yuuki and Ran met with Merida under a colossal tree on the outskirts of Kiyomihara for their duel. Although the samurai charged at the ninja the moment the duel began, Yuuki unintentionally allowed Merida to dodge and deal a counterattack due to an instinctual aversion to harming another player in a realistic world. Despite being discouraged at Merida's display of power, the girl was reassured by her friend that she herself once experienced such difficulties in player versus player combat, which allowed their battle to continue in earnest. After exchanging several intense attacks and reducing her opponent's Life Points to just below half, Yuuki was eventually able to claim victory in the duel.

Reassured by Merida that her emotions had reached her through their fight, Yuuki accepted Ran's unexpected suggestion that they should create a guild between the three of them and other terminally ill FullDive users, which convinced Merida to relinquish her desire to enter Sword Art Online. Overwhelmed with emotion over their success, the girl vowed to do as much as she could with the rest of her life to the best of her ability in the virtual world and to locate for her friend a purpose to which she could dedicate the rest of her days. Having decided they should meet each other face-to-face in the real world once they had logged out of Asuka Empire, Yuuki returned to the hospital cleanroom while Aiko and Merida gathered in the adjacent monitoring room. There, the Konno twins watched as their friend broke her Sword Art Online memory card in front of them as a birthday present.


After the formation of the Sleeping Knights guild, Yuuki accompanied her fellow members as they journeyed through a variety of virtual worlds for about two years,[12] expanding their size to nine members along the way.[16] However, seeing as Clovis, Merida,[19] and Ran had passed away during their time together, while two more members were not expected to live more than three more months,[16] Yuuki and the others decided to create one last unforgettable memory together by accomplishing a grand achievement in the most beautiful, enjoyable, and exhilarating virtual world they could find,[12] before disbanding the guild once one more member passed away.[16] Having deemed Alfheim to be the perfect location for their goal, the guild agreed to leave their mark on the world by defeating a New Aincrad Floor Boss by themselves, in order to inscribe their names on the Monument of Swordsmen in the Black Iron Palace on the 1st Floor.[12]

January 2026

Despite their best effort, Yuuki and her guild suffered repeated failures in the battles against the 25th and 26th Floor Bosses of New Aincrad, allowing other players to successfully defeat them before the Sleeping Knights could achieve the feat themselves. As the guild still had one free slot in their party, they decided to recruit another player who could match Yuuki in power to join them in their effort.[12] To this end, Yuuki began challenging players to Duel her at an island north of Panareze on the 24th Floor around the beginning of 2026,[20] wagering her eleven-hit Original Sword Skill as a prize for whomever could beat her. For the next few days, Yuuki would continue to come to the island at 15:00 each day to face any willing challengers.[21] During this time, the girl managed to win sixty-seven consecutive battles,[12] including Duels against Leafa, Lisbeth, and Kirito.[21]

Mother's Rosario

After her latest victory on January 7, Yuuki was challenged by Asuna. Although the Imp swordswoman was able to corner her opponent in the end, she was nonetheless impressed and satisfied by her performance and thus withheld landing the final blow. Deciding that Asuna would be the perfect candidate for their boss raid party, Yuuki escorted the Undine swordswoman to meet the other members of the Sleeping Knights in Ronbaru on the 27th Floor, where they explained their request to her. After Asuna eventually agreed to help them, Yuuki and the others came to an agreement to begin preparations for the 27th Floor Boss battle the following day.

The following day on January 8, the Sleeping Knights entered the Labyrinth on the 27th Floor, where they spent the next hour avoiding monster encounters as they navigated to the boss chamber. Upon reaching their goal, however, the party discovered three players hiding just outside the doors. As the three players alleged to have only been hiding from monsters while waiting for their friends to arrive, the Sleeping Knights decided to ignore them and entered the room for their first attempt at defeating the Floor Boss, which proved to be unsuccessful. After respawning in Ronbaru, Yuuki and the others learned from Asuna that she had noticed a Peeping spell having been cast on them by the players outside the boss room, allowing the players to observe their battle in order to gain information on the boss before summoning a raid party from their guild to vanquish it themselves. However, still having time to beat the boss before the guild could organise their own raid party, the Sleeping Knights returned to the Labyrinth after a quick strategy discussion.

Having made their way to the boss room again in under thirty minutes, however, the Sleeping Knights found about half of the guild's raid party blocking the doors to the chamber. As their leader refused to let them pass despite not being ready for the boss battle, Yuuki candidly and unexpectedly decided to fight their way through, before launching an attack on the leader. As Kirito and Klein unexpectedly arrived to the scene in the middle of the battle to help stall the rival raid party's reinforcements, the Sleeping Knights managed to defeat the players obstructing their path and re-enter the boss room and began their fight against the boss anew. In the midst of the grueling fight, Yuuki was informed of a weak point that Asuna had noticed. Subconsciously addressing the girl as her older sister, Yuuki assaulted the boss's weak point with her OSS, putting an end to the battle in the process.

While visiting the Monument of Swordsmen in the aftermath of the battle, Yuuki realized she had gotten too close to Asuna when she subconsciously addressed the other girl as her older sister again. Fearful she might burden the Undine by exposing her condition to her via continued interaction, the Imp tearfully logged off without a word and suspended all contact with Asuna and the rest of the Sleeping Knights for the next three days in hopes of making the former forget about her. To her surprise, on January 11, Asuna managed to find her location at Yokohama Kōhoku General Hospital. Seeing how Asuna was saddened by the suffering the Konno family experienced from AIDS, Yuuki arranged for her visitor to meet her where they had first encountered each other in ALO. Once Asuna arrived, Yuuki confessed that she was very happy that the Undine had found her but claimed the girl had already done enough for her sake. When pressed by Asuna if there was anything else she still wanted to do together, the Imp admitted she wanted to see a school in the real world again, to which she learned there might be a way to accomplish that.

At 12:50 the next day on January 12, Yuuki attended the afternoon classes at the SAO Survivor School through a Bidirectional Communication Probe made by Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito). Despite her trepidation, she was relieved to be accepted by the faculty and other students, enjoying the positive attention they gave her. Having been shown around the school after classes, the girl confessed to Yuuki Asuna (Asuna) there was one more place she wanted to visit. Thus, she directed her friend to her old house in Hodogaya, Yokohama. Once they arrived at the building sometime after 17:30, Yuuki admitted she was glad to see her former home one last time before it was slated for demolition, reminiscing on the happy memories she shared with her family there and how her mother would pray for her during the darker points of their struggle against their condition.

When Asuna revealed she had trouble expressing herself to her own mother and inquired how she could become as strong as Yuuki in that regard, Yuuki divulged her optimistic and energetic personality used to only be a façade she created for the sake of her parents. However, the girl had eventually decided even if she was only pretending to be strong, it would be a waste of time to not be honest with her feelings, and that their friendship was born because Asuna had matched that attitude with her own persistence. Therefore, she advised her friend to talk to her mother with that same resolve, disclosing it was also the reason why she could exhibit her true self to her. As the probe's battery was almost depleted, the girl then promised to attend school the following day, before being disconnected.

Over the next few months, Yuuki continued to spend time with Asuna's group on many adventures. Among these exploits, she helped vanquish the 28th and 29th Floor Bosses, became the fourth champion of ALO's unified dueling tournament, and used the probe to visit several real-world locations, including the Kirigaya Residence, the Dicey Cafe, and Kyoto. Though her condition seemed stable throughout this period, it suddenly deteriorated around 14:00 on March 29, during which her heart briefly stopped. Having been resuscitated, Yuuki was extracted from the Medicuboid in accordance with her prearranged final wishes. However, sensing Asuna had arrived and was holding her hand. the girl conveyed to her friend that she had changed her mind, upon which she was returned to the machine.

Having logged back into ALO, Yuuki awaited Asuna at the island outside Panareze where they had first met. Once the Undine arrived, the Absolute Sword mustered the last of her strength to create a Skill Tome for her Original Sword Skill: Mother's Rosario. Although she collapsed from the effort, the Imp managed to pass the scroll to her friend, expressing her hope it would protect her. To her surprise immediately afterwards, the duo were joined by their friends, followed by hundreds of other players from all the other races. Touched that so many had come to pay tribute to her, Yuuki admitted she had always wondered why she had been born into the world just to die, when so much effort and resources were used to prolong her life and she could contribute nothing in return. Tearfully realizing it was enough to lead a fulfilling life that ended in the arms of a loved one surrounded by so many admirers, the girl closed her eyes and peacefully passed away in Asuna's embrace.

Non-canon Chronology

NonCanonAlert Non Canon: Some or all events and details given in this section, may be considered non-canon to the main story.

Hollow Fragment

Shortly after the defeat of Heathcliff in the Ruby Palace, Yuuki found herself mysteriously transported to a strange area in the skies above Aincrad, next to another player. Having introduced herself to the player, who named himself as Kirito, Yuuki inquired on their location, becoming stunned when she learnt that they were in Sword Art Online. Impressed by the boy's revelation that he had cleared the game, the girl, doubting they would have much time to interact, requested to spar with him, to which the Black Swordsman agreed. After Kirito won their First Strike duel, Yuuki complimented him on his strength and thanked him for granting her wish in the short time they had. She expressed her desire to meet with the boy again, promising to grow stronger by then, before disappearing from the area.

Lost Song

Sometime after the release of the Svart Alfheim areas in ALO, Yuuki was suggested by the rest of the Sleeping Knights to temporarily party with other players due to everyone's schedules currently preventing them from playing together. To that end, she began challenging players to duel her, hoping to find someone strong enough to help her conquer the floating continents. After her latest victory, the Imp spotted Asuna and Kirito watching her from the crowd, the latter of whom she recognized as the boy she had fought in SAO. Opting to ignore that memory for now, the swordswoman selected Asuna as her next opponent. Impressed by the Undine's performance by the time both combatants' hit points (HP) were reduced by half, Yuuki decided the fencer was the one she had been looking for and forfeited the duel, before requesting to join her group. As a token of appreciation when the offer was accepted, the girl gave them an item needed to progress through Woglinde.

After Kirito's party reached Flosshilde and disabled the Altitude Limiter there sometime later, Yuuki and the other Sleeping Knights elected to defeat one of the strongest event bosses implemented in ALO yet by themselves, hoping to be recognized for their accomplishment in an upcoming issue of MMO Tomorrow and leave behind their legacy before they had to disband. As everyone's names would only be listed if their group was small enough, the Imp chose to contact just Asuna and Kirito for assistance, bringing the pair to meet with the others and explaining the guild's intent to them. When the duo agreed to help, Yuuki separated with the rest of the Sleeping Knights to prepare for their mission, gratefully promising to notify them once they were ready.

Once the Sleeping Knights completed their preparations following the opening of Niebelheim, Yuuki messaged Asuna and Kirito to have them gather with everyone else for a final strategy meeting before proceeding to the dungeon where the event boss was located. As they approached the boss room, however, the group found their path obstructed by a raid party from the Shamrock guild. When the raid leader refused to let the Sleeping Knights pass despite not being ready to challenge the boss themselves, the swordswoman candidly chose to fight their way through, firmly explaining to an uncertain Asuna words were insufficient to persuade their opponents in this scenario. Due to Kirito's circle of friends arriving in the middle of the battle to stall reinforcements from Shamrock, Yuuki and the others were able to defeat the rival raid party and enter the boss chamber. Though the Imp felt slightly guilty that the Spriggan's companions had done and risked so much for the Sleeping Knights' sake without having received anything in return beforehand, she was convinced by the Undine the guild could repay them by making the most of the opportunity they had been provided.

After the boss was vanquished, Yuuki and the rest of the Sleeping Knights celebrated their accomplishment, their exhilaration only growing when they learned Asuna's and Kirito's friends had succeeded in handling Shamrock. Thus, the guild agreed as thanks to invite everyone to a party they would be holding to commemorate their victory. However, their euphoria was slightly dampened when Asuna requested to temporarily join the Sleeping Knights. Fearing it would burden the Undine with the revelation of their condition, the Imp gently refused the entreaty before everyone separated for the remainder of the day.

Shortly afterward, fearing she was growing too close with Asuna, Yuuki decided to quit ALO. Having informed the Undine of her choice, she quietly moved to a secluded spot to contemplate Alfheim's beauty before she had to leave. To her shock, the Imp was found by Kirito, who revealed why Asuna had wanted to join the Sleeping Knights, as well as how he had determined the reason behind her decision. Appreciative of his understanding, Yuuki apologized for being unable to fulfill Asuna's wish to forget the pressure of leading the Knights of the Blood, after which the duo took a moment to ruminate on their encounter in Aincrad. Then the girl requested the Spriggan to take care of Asuna, who she sensed was being bothered by something, before logging off.

To Yuuki's wonder several days later, Asuna and Kazuto managed to find her location at Yokohama Kohoku General Hospital. Seeing how Asuna was saddened by the suffering she experienced from AIDS, the girl arranged for her visitors to meet her in ALO via the guest AmuSpheres. Once they arrived, the Imp explained why the Sleeping Knights wanted to have one last grand adventure before disbanding and implored the two to forgot about them. However, at the Undine's request, the swordswoman agreed to finish their first duel from when they first met due to the fencer using her own words about some things needing to be conveyed through confrontation. Following her defeat at Asuna's hands, the rest of the Sleeping Knights arrived to reveal they had been searching for her in concern after losing contact, affirming the sensation Yuuki received during the fight that she had never been a burden on Asuna or their friends. Convinced it was perfectly alright for her to continue living and maintaining her friendship with everyone, Yuuki gratefully passed her OSS Mother's Rosario to Asuna before joining the others in preparing for their victory celebration.

Sometime after the events of the Cloud Brain incident, Yuuki was able to remotely attend classes alongside Asuna at the SAO Survivor School via a two-way communications probe designed by Kazuto and his schoolmates. At about the same time, she learned her condition had surprisingly stabilized and improved, meaning she was expected to live longer than she or anyone else had predicted. In high spirits from these circumstances, the girl notified Asuna and Kazuto of the news after classes one day, thanking them for fulfilling her dream of visiting a real-life school again and promising to use her extended time to join them on further adventures, before disconnecting from the probe for the day.

Last Recollection

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Sometime after Asada Shino (Sinon), Asuna, Ayano Keiko (Silica), Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa), and Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth) entered Underworld to assist Kirito, Yuuki received word they desperately needed additional help. Having logged in as Sword Goddess Gladia, the swordswoman descended into the Dark Territory alongside several of her other friends, where she used her superuser account's All Cutter ability to repel a horde of Iron Blood Guard Beasts summoned by Dark God Vecta. Then she remained behind with everyone else to handle the remaining magical beasts while Eugeo and Kirito pursued Vecta, who was taking a captive Alice Synthesis Thirty to the World's End Altar.


ALfheim Online

One-Handed Sword

Sword Skills

One-Handed Sword

Original Sword Skills

Notable Achievements

  • Created an 11-Hit Original Sword Skill - Mother's Rosario
  • Took part in the defeat of the 27th-29th Floor Bosses of New Aincrad
  • Became the 4th ALO champion swordsman
  • First tester of the Medicuboid


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  • The name Yuuki (木綿季?) comes from the last two kanji in Crinum (浜木綿, Hamayuu?) and Season (, Ki?), as, in the web novel, Yuuki was born at a time when the Crinums bloomed.[22]
  • Yuuki refers to herself using the personal pronoun boku (ボク?), which establishes a sense of masculinity and, thus, characterises Yuuki as a tomboy.[12]
  • Yuuki also acknowledged Kirito as being as strong a player as Asuna, yet she did not ask for his help because he had discovered her secret as a user of the Medicuboid.[12]
  • Kirito claimed that if Yuuki had played SAO, she would have been the one to receive the Dual Blades skill, as her reaction speed was greater than his.[21]
  • As a Medicuboid user, she was one of the few people who had more playtime than the "survivors from the SAO incident", having been logged on for over three years continuously.[16]
  • The fact that Yuuki's given name is pronounced the same as Asuna's family name has been the source of several jokes throughout the series:
    • When one of Asuna's classmates called Asuna by her family name, Yuuki mistakenly believed that the classmate was talking to her.[23]
    • Yuuki jokingly proposed marriage to Asuna and told her that Asuna would have to join Yuuki's family, because if Yuuki joined Asuna's family she would be named Yuuki Yuuki.[23]
  • Yuuki is the second person known to have used their real name as their in-game name (the first being Asuna).
  • Kirito claimed that, even with Dual Blades, he believed it would have been impossible for him to win against Yuuki.[24]. However, the author has claimed that if Kirito was using Excalibur as his second sword, he would probably win in a duel against Yuuki due to the difference in stats.[25]
  • In Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Yuuki is available as a partner for Kirito and can be recruited if the player starts up a new game, but only if Kirito chooses to investigate the strange area after he defeats Heathcliff.
  • Yuuki is playable in Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX IGNITION via downloadable content (DLC) for the console version.[26] She is currently the only playable character to be released via DLC for the FIGHTING CLIMAX games.[citation needed]
  • By the time Yuuki started using the Medicuboid, she had been infected with Cytomegalovirus and nontuberculous mycobacteria.[16]
  • In the light novel, Doctor Kurahashi claimed that Yuuki was born in 2011.[13] However, in Sisters' Prayer, Doctor Kurahashi stated that Yuuki's 14th birthday was in 2024, meaning that she was born in 2010.[27]
  • In an official character popularity poll hosted by Dengeki Bunko for the cover of abec Art Works, Yuuki ranked second.[28]



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