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Kirito's Last Attack on Illfang the Kobold Lord

A Last Attack (止めの一撃(ラストアタック), Rasuto Atakku?, abbreviated as LA) is the final strike on rare monsters, such as bosses or sub-boss-class monsters[1]. A player who deals the Last Attack on monsters receives more experience,[citation needed] as well as a special bonus rare drop.

Known Last Attack Bonus Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Floor Boss Item Received By
1 Illfang the Kobold Lord Coat of Midnight Kirito
2 Bullbous Bow Lind
Nato the Colonel Taurus Plank * 10[2] Kirito
Baran the General Taurus Gold bull-pattern boxers[3] Kirito
Asterius the Taurus King Kirito
3 Unnamed Field Boss Kirito
Fallen Elf Commander Asuna
Nerius the Evil Treant Kirito
4 Biceps Archelon Kirito
Wythege the Hippocampus Kirito
5 Unnamed Field Boss Unknown
Fuscus the Vacant Colossus Kirito
6 Unnamed vine plant Field Boss[4] Large amount of peas[4] Agil
Basalt Morpha Unknown
Unnamed carnivorous plant Field Boss Theano
The Irrational Cube Kirito
50 Six-armed metallic Buddha statue[5] Elucidator Kirito
74 The Gleam Eyes Kirito

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