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Kirito's Last Attack on Illfang the Kobold Lord

A Last Attack (止めの一撃(ラストアタック), Rasuto Atakku?, abbreviated as LA), is the final strike on rare monsters, like bosses or sub-boss-class monsters[1]. A player who deals the Last Attack on monsters receives more experience and are more likely to obtain rare drops known as "Last Attack Bonus Rare Drop" rather than assists.

In Aincrad, all floors (except for Floor 100) are known to have LA bonus rare drops.

Known Last Attack Bonus Rare DropsEdit

  • Bonus Item screen from obtaining the LA.
  • Coat of Midnight - Floor 1 Bonus Rare Drop.
  • Elucidator - Floor 50 Bonus Rare Drop.
Floor Boss Item Owner
1 Ruin Kobold Sentinel Asuna*3
Illfang the Kobold Lord Coat of Midnight Kirito
2 Bullbous Bow Lind
Nato the Colonel Taurus Plank * 17[2] Kirito
Baran the General Taurus Gold bull-pattern boxers[3] Kirito
Asterius the Taurus King Kirito
3 Unnamed Field Boss Kirito
Fallen Elf Commander Asuna
Nerius the Evil Treant Kirito
4 Biceps Archelon Kirito
Wythege the Hippocampus Kirito
5 Unnamed Field Boss Unknown
Fuscus the Vacant Colossus Kirito
50 Six-armed metallic Buddha statue[4] Elucidator Kirito
74 The Gleam Eyes Kirito


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