Legrue (ルグルー, Rugurū?) is a neutral mining town located in the middle of the Legrue Corridor.


Legrue is a city located on a circular island in the middle of a huge underground lake in a spacious, open underground cave. The island is connected to the main caves via two bridges while the city itself is surrounded by a circular wall with two stone gates that are big enough to reach the ceiling.

The city is smaller in size than the Gnome underground capital, but it holds facilities that produce high-quality ore, thus a lot of blacksmith and traders live within the city. Most of the buildings within the city are 1 to 2 stories tall, brownish-yellow in colour and most of the buildings are either octagonal or rounded in shape, with some of the rounded buildings looking like pillars or spires. The scale of the street is not large, however, the central intersection is crowded with workshops, as well as weapon, armour, material, food, wine and many other types of shops within buildings and with smaller shops on vendor carpets. The NPC Orchestra within the city plays drums while players of all races, including the rare Pookas and Leprechauns, chat happily side-by-side.


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

As Kirito was in a rush to get to the World Tree in Alne, Leafa decided to cross the mountains through the Legrue Corridor, instead of the longer route through the Northern Pass. After two hours of navigating the navigating the cave and fighting Orcs, Yui warned them about 12 players coming their way. After identifying the players as Salamanders that were pursuing them, they rush to the city of Legrue, where they would be safe from attacks from other players due to it being a neutral city. However, before they could reach the gate, their advance was blocked off by an Earth Wall created by the Salamander mages. With no way to reach the city, nor retreat, the duo are forced to fight the Salamander party.

After defeating the Salamanders and finding out about a large Salamander force, Kirito and Leafa entered the city, Leafa immediately rushed to the shops to check out the weapons on display, but then she was reminded of the message sent to her by Recon. As she still could not make sense of the message and Recon was offline, Kirito suggested for her to log out and contact him in the real world. After she got back, she told Kirito that she had urgent matters to attend to and that she would likely not be able to return to the city, thus Kirito decided to accompany her and they both ran out of the city through the gate leading towards Alne.



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