«Lightning Fall» (ライトニング・フォール, Raitoningu Fōru?) is a heavy, ranged, 1-hit One-Handed Sword category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


«Lightning Fall» begins with the player kicking off the ground at full force.[1] The player then performs a mid-air forward somersault, reversing their grip at the same time.[1] As the player lands, they thrust their sword into the ground. At that moment, a surge of electricity is generated by the sword.[1] Anyone hit by the skill directly suffers physical damage, while anyone caught in the range of the electric attack is additionally stunned.[2]

In New ALfheim Online, the skill has a damage property of thirty percent physical and seventy percent lightning.[1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 8, Calibur, Part 4 SII Episode 17 Calibur Manga Chapter 6 Kirito used the skill to find Freyja's family treasure in Thrym's boss room.


  • Lightning Fall is one of the few ranged attacks in the One-Handed Sword category.[1]



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