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«Linear» (リニアー, Riniā?) is a basic, 1-hit, Rapier category Sword Skill in Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online and Project Alicization.


«Linear» consists of a single thrust straight forward by first holding the rapier in front of the body and then putting in a twist from there.[1] Due to being the first skill in the rapier category,[1] the skill has a remarkably short post-motion delay after usage,[2] allowing multiple «Linear» to be chained in together at a very short amount of time.[citation needed]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
N/A N/A Progressive Manga Chapter 001 After acquiring a rapier and a copy of Argo's first floor strategy guide, Asuna successfully tested the skill on a nearby Frenzy Boar, defeating it with one attempt.
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 1 N/A Progressive Manga Chapter 001-002 Asuna used this skill to finish off a Ruin Kobold Trooper.
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 12-13 Episode 02 N/A Asuna used this skill aimed at a Ruin Kobold Sentinel's weak point to deal damage to it, before finishing it off with a regular thrust.
Progressive Volume 1, Aria of a Starless Night, Part 14 Episode 02 Progressive Manga Chapter 006-007 Asuna used «Linear» to deal damage to Illfang the Kobold Lord whenever the monster suffered from a post-motion delay.
Progressive Volume 1, Rondo of a Fragile Blade, Part 2 N/A Progressive Manga Chapter 009 Asuna used this skill while fighting against Windwasps. Due to the skill's short post-motion delay and her high accuracy in hitting the monster's weak spot, she soon took the lead in her race against Kirito to kill fifty Windwasps first.
Progressive Volume 2, Concerto of Black and White, Part 3 N/A Progressive Manga Chapter 030 Asuna used the skill to deal damage to a Thicket Spider.
Progressive Volume 3, Barcarolle of Froth, Part 8 N/A Hearing Kirito asking to switch, Asuna used Linear to strike the centre of a Forest Elven Heavy Warrior's shield, causing the elf to be pushed backwards and making him open for Kirito's Gengetsu attack.
Volume 1, Chapter 6 Episode 08 Aincrad Manga Stage.003 Asuna used this skill with a knife to show off her skills to Kirito by drawing the knife close to his nose at an overwhelming speed.


  • In the anime, the colour effect of «Linear» is portrayed as either green or purple, while in the novel, the colour is said to be silver.



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