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«Little Nepenthes» (リトルネペント, Ritoru Nepento?) was a level 3[1] plant monster found on the 1st floor of Aincrad.


Despite being called Little Nepenthes, there was nothing little about this predatory plant as it was a meter and a half tall. Its lower body consisted mostly of countless roots that were used to move around. It had two arm-like vines with pointed leaves attached to either side of its body, just above the roots. The center of its head held a wide red mouth with viscous liquids dribbling out of it as it opened and closed.[1]

There were three distinct types of Little Nepenthes. The most common of the three was the normal Little Nepenthes with no distinct features. A second type of the Little Nepenthes was mostly the same as the first, except that it also had a red flower blooming from the top of its head and would drop a «Little Nepenthes's Ovule», the quest item needed to complete the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest. The third type of Little Nepenthes had a red fruit attached atop its head instead of the flower. If damaged, the fruit would emit an odor that would attract other Little Nepenthes to their location, almost guaranteeing death to all low-level players that were present.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

First DayEdit

Vol 08 - 406

Kirito fighting the fruit-attracted Nepenthes.

The Little Nepenthes were the main monsters to be fought during the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» quest. Kirito and Coper, two former beta testers, fought some of these monsters to find one who drops the item that would help them fulfill the quest. After more than a hundred of the monster were killed, two Little Nepenthes, one with a flower and one with a fruit, appeared. Kirito managed to kill the one with the flower and obtain the quest item. Coper, however, activated the trap of the one with the fruit in an attempt to Monster PK Kirito and steal the item. However, his plan of using the «Hiding» skill to avoid danger backfired and Coper was killed by the numerous monsters that arrived while Kirito managed to fight his way out.


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