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A Lizardman Lord (リザードマンロード, Rizādoman Rōdo?) is a level 82 monster that resides in the Labyrinth of the 74th Floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online. It is capable of using Sword Skills, such as Fell Crescent. Upon defeat, a Lizardman Lord grants the player 8120 EXP and 1000 Cor.[1]


A Lizardman Lord is a humanoid lizard-like creature with dark green (bluish in the anime) scales[2], a long tail, and glowing red eyes. It wears a set of armor consisting of a helmet and breast plate. It carries a scimitar in its right hand and a round shield on its left.


Aincrad Arc[]

A Lizardman Lord fighting Kirito.

A Lizardman Lord appeared and engaged Kirito in combat when the latter was exploring the Labyrinth on the 74th Floor. However, the monster was ultimately defeated by Kirito's «Horizontal Square» when it used «Fell Crescent» on him.

While exploring the Labyrinth, some more Lizardman Lords appeared, although they were defeated by Klein and his guild, Fuurinkazan. After hearing screams from the boss room, Klein and his guild were cut off by a few more Lizardmen, which were easily defeated by them.[1]