The Sylph lord, Sakuya, and the Cait Sith lord, Alicia.

A Lord (領主, Ryoushu?) is the leader of one of the nine fairy races in ALfheim Online.

Election, Duties and PowerEdit

Lord Menu

Sakuya using her Lord's menu to banish Sigurd.

The Lord of a race is decided via a monthly election.[1] An elected Lord is in charge of things like how the tax collected from the players of that race should be spent, as well as communicating with the Lords of other races[1] and forming alliances[2]. Additionally, the Lord has the right to banish the race's residents from the territory of the race via an exclusive system menu reserved for Lords.[2]


The Lord of a race usually resides within a Lord's Mansion in the capital city of the race. If the Lord is currently present at the mansion, a flag will be raised on a flagpole at the center of the building.[1] Due to the possibility of spies of other races using alternate accounts, only active players with enough contribution are allowed near the mansion.[2]


If a Lord is killed, the attacking race will unconditionally receive 30% of the lord's funds stored in the mansion. Additionally, the territory that the Lord rules over will become occupied for ten days, during which the attacking race is free to set taxes and take the money.[2]


  • In the history of ALfheim Online, only one single Lord was ever killed. This occurred when the Salamanders set a trap for the first Sylph Lord and killed him. After this event, the Salamanders gained enough funds to become the strongest race in the game.[2]


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