The Lost Temple (失われた古代寺院, Ushinawareta Kodai Jiin?, lit. "Lost ancient temple") is one of the random fields used for the Bullet of Bullets tournament's preliminary matches.


Like all preliminary match fields, the Lost Temple is a one kilometer square area.[1] The field consists of a ruins, located in a grassland.[1] The ruins area has multiple large cylindrical columns that are three meters apart from each other and lined in an arc shape.[1] The columns are either in the Ionian or Corinth style and most of them are either wrecked or completely collapsed.[1] Another ruins can be seen on a hill in the distance, but cannot be reached.[1]


Phantom Bullet ArcEdit

On December 13, 2025, the Lost Temple was the map chosen for Kirito's first battle in the preliminaries against an opponent named Uemaru. After spawning, Kirito approached one of the columns and looked around his surroundings. While he was thinking about his course of action, Uemaru sneaked up on him and opened fire, hitting Kirito several times while he was retreating to cover. While hiding behind the column, Kirito wondered how to handle his opponent and then recalled a scene from a science fiction movie where a light sabre was used to deflect bullets. Realising that he could try to do the same with the help of the Bullet Lines, Kirito prepared to assault Uemaru, but realised that he had moved to another position. By eliminating all unneeded sounds from his mind and listening in on the swaying of the grass, Kirito was able to locate Uemaru and charged towards him. The surprised Uemaru took a few seconds to grasp the situation and open fire. Once he did, Kirito used his Kagemitsu G4 to deflect the bullets that were about to hit him and, while Uemaru was reloading, used his FN Five-Seven to hit Uemaru and stop him from finishing his reload. After closing the distance enough, Kirito imitated the «Vorpal Strike» Sword Skill and defeated Uemaru.



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