«MMO Stream» (MMO ストリーム, MMO Sutorīmu?), abbreviated as M-ST (Mスト, M Su To?), is a network broadcasting station in the Sword Art Online universe[1] that focuses on MMO-related content. MMO Stream can be viewed via a television or computer in the real world, but it is also simultaneously broadcast in inns and pubs in most VR games, thus most player’s prefer to watch it from within a game.[2]

This Week's Winners

A broadcast of «This Week's Winners», featuring XeXeeD and Yamikaze.

MMO Stream runs a popular corner, called «This Week's Winners» (今週の勝ち組さん, Konshū no Kachi-gumi-san?), during which a different VRMMO game would be chosen each week and the top players of the chosen game would be invited to participate in an interview show using their in-game avatars.

MMO Stream also streams live broadcasts of in-game tournaments, such as the Bullet of Bullets in Gun Gale Online.


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