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MMTM, short for Memento Mori (メメント・モリ, Memento Mori?, Latin for "remember that you have to die"), is a six-man team of highly-experienced players[1] that participated in the first and second Squad Jam in Gun Gale Online, ranking third[2] in the former and fifth[3] in the latter.

The team's weapon lineup consists of an «HK21» machine gun as their main weapon, as well as two «H&K G36K», one «Steyr STM-556», one «FN Herstal SCAR-L», and one «Beretta ARX160» assault rifles as support. While the team's members have liberties with customising their outfits, all of them have an emblem of a skull with a knife in its mouth on their arms. All members also use identical magazines and wear their magazine pouches on the back of their vest, allowing them to easily share their ammunition with each other.[1]


Squad Jam[]

At 14:00 on February 1, 2026, the members of MMTM appeared in a grassland at the north-westernmost tip of the tournament map. Having vanquished several squads in their surroundings, MMTM decided to focus on the two teams in standstill in the forest region, splitting into two groups to attack and defeat both opponents at the same time. The group's next target was a team that had managed to occupy a crashed spaceship in the marshlands region. MMTM was about to reconsider assaulting the spaceship due to their opponents having four snipers guarding the perimeter from favourable positions, when they managed to discover four hovercrafts near the border of the marshlands. Making use of the Bullet Line mechanic, they were able to reach the spaceship, avoiding the sniper fire with their new vehicles. As their opponents had divided their forces to different parts of the ship, MMTM manged to easily kill each of their enemies one-by-one, except for the team's leader, who committed suicide with their Plasma Grenades.

Just a few moments later, the 14:50 satellite scan was held, during which they learnt that there were only two other teams remaining, the closest being «LM» in the residential area, separated from the marshland by a lake. Four minutes later, the squad managed to cross the lake enough to begin assaulting their new target. Jake's hovercraft moved ahead of the rest of the squad to ascertain the capabilities of their opponents with a scouting attack, which prompted M to deploy his impenetrable shield. As they could not breach their opponent's defence from the front and they had a very limited fuel supply for their vehicles, David instantly ordered his team to rush to land to flank M, while using Bullet Lines to dodge the sniper's attacks. Once only two hundred metres separated MMTM from their opponents, Jake began firing at LLENN as a distraction. However, as M did not put his finger on his trigger until the moment he fired, the resulting lack of Bullet Lines from M's rifle prevented MMTM's members from evading any of his attacks. The final surviving member of MMTM took cover inside his hovercraft to avoid being sniped; however, the explosion of a grenade thrown into the water by M caused a large wave that sent the survivor into the air. Shortly after the member fell onto the ground, he was quickly dispatched by LLENN, ending MMTM's participation in the tournament.

2nd Squad Jam[]

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Known Members[]

Image Name Notes
David[5] The team leader. Armed with a Steyr STM-556.[1]
Jake[1] Armed with an HK21.[1]


  • The leader of MMTM managed to earn the right to participate in the finals of the third Bullet of Bullets but was eliminated in the tournament's early stages.[1]