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The Martial Arts quest refers to an unnamed quest on the 2nd Floor in Sword Art Online that rewards the player with the Martial Arts Extra Skill.

Quest Details[edit | edit source]

To start the quest, the player must first find the quest Non-Player Character (NPC) that has taken residence in a hut near the summit of an exceptionally high mountain at the southern edge of the 2nd Floor. If the player accepts the quest, the NPC takes the player outside to a 2 meter-high and 1.5 meters-wide rock which is almost as tough as an Immortal Object. There, the NPC reveals that the player must split the rock into two using only their palms and proceeds to paint whiskers with quick-drying paint on the player’s face, claiming that the whiskers cannot be removed until the rock is split. If the player does manage to split the rock, they are rewarded with the Extra Skill and get the whiskers removed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An NPC on the 7th Floor tells the players about the existence of the quest; though it does not give an exact location where to find it.
  • During the beta test of Sword Art Online, Argo managed to find the quest NPC without the information from the NPC on the 7th Floor. She started the quest; however, she did not manage to complete it, and thus was stuck with whiskers for the remainder of the beta test. Afterwards, the whiskers became a part of her image, therefore, she recreated them with face paint in the official version of the game.
  • It took Kirito three days to complete the quest.
  • In the Progressive manga adaption, Asuna completed the quest before the second Floor Boss battle, but she did not do so in the novel.
  • In the manga, the rock for the quest could be broken by tricking a Trembling Ox into ramming it. The spawn rate for these monsters would be increased during the quest.

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