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  • Hello there. I've noticed that you've been trying to upload various images to articles, but your edits had to be undone due to various guideline breaches. So, I figured I should message you about it.

    This wiki has an Image Guideline that details all requirements for images to be allowed on articles. I recommend reading the guideline in detail to avoid your contributions going to waste, but in short, all images must be properly sourced, categorised, named. Also, all jpg format images are not allowed.

    In your case, none of your images have been properly sourced or categorised. You tried linking some random third party in an edit comment, but: 1) Sourcing must be stated on the file page, not an edit comment (no one is going to look through random page edits to find the source); 2) Third party sites don't count as valid sources. A file is sourced only when the original source is listed (intermediary sources can be listed when you didn't take the image from the original source itself, but you still need to list the original source anyway). I.e., not where you found the image, but where the image comes from originally. In the case of your Elevating Operator file, the original source is a specific anime episode, not a random third party site. The file must also be categorised according to its source (a list of image categories can be found here).

    Additional problems with your latest image: you uploaded a jpg file; low quality; character images shouldn't be cropped if they're based on anime images... and if they are cropped, the image must be cropped in a way that its horizontal dimensions are bigger than its vertical dimensions, as the file stretches the infobox otherwise.

    I hope that helps you better understand why your edits had to be undone. If you feel you need more help with images, I recommend joining us on our Discord server, where other editors can answer any questions and help you with any issues you have.

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    • Infobox images shouldn't use full body images. Bust shots are preferred. Full body images are only used in the appearance section of the article, where the full appearance is important. Also, images with large vertical dimensions stretch the infobox, so infobox images should be either square or with horizontal dimensions larger than vertical dimensions.

      But yes, infobox images have a set naming pattern that must be followed.

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    • Please refrain from arbitraily changing infobox images. Due to their prominent role on any article, an existing infobox image can only be changed via a community vote (we hold those on the wiki's Discord). This ensures that any proposed changes are deliberated properly so that the image is only changed if there's good reason to do so and not simply because of personal preferences.

      Also, infobox images must be uploaded under a standardised name to maintain a history of the infobox's images.

      In short: you are free to come up to our Discord to propose changes to infobox images and we will consider them if you provide devent arguments for the change. But you should not change them on your own without consulting anyone.

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  • Hi, welcome to Sword Art Online Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Integrity Knight page.

    For starters, here are a few common mistakes that new users make: both British English and American English are fine on this wikia, so do not change one for the other redundantly; only official content from sources like the light novel, anime and manga are allowed on this wikia. Also, please try to reference any facts, as they may be removed for being considered speculation otherwise.

    Here are some helpful links if you have any questions:

    If you cannot find a place to help out here are some good starting points:

    If you have any questions or concerns, just ask any of our editors or myself for help.

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